Qualified terminable interest property definition

Qualified terminable interest property means a transfer or a specific portion of a transfer which the executor elects to treat as qualified terminable interest property, as that term is defined by section 2056(b)(7) of the internal revenue code, for purposes of the federal estate tax or for purposes of subsection (7), to the extent subsections (6) and (7) apply to the transfer or specific portion of the transfer.
Qualified terminable interest property. (QTIP) means property (1) which passes from the decedent, (2) in which the surviving spouse has a “qualifying income interest for life,” and (3) as

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  • Qualified terminable interest property is property: (1) that passes from the decedent, (2) in which the surviving spouse has a “qualifying income interest for life,” and (3) to which an election under these rules applies.

  • Qualified spousal property means either: (i) property that would not be treated as nonqualified terminable interest property under the federal estate tax marital deductions rules ("Outright transfer property"); or (ii) property that would be treated as qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) under those rules ("Qualified terminable interest property").

  • Qualified terminable interest property is terminable interest prop- erty described in section 2523(b)(1) that satisfies the requirements of section 2523(f)(2) and this section.

  • Qualified terminable interest property Short Essay Questions Please read the question carefully and then respond to the question that is asked at the end of the situation.

  • Section 2056.—Bequests, Etc., to Surviving Spouse26 CFR 20.2056(a)-1: Qualified terminable interest property elections.Rev.

  • Qualified terminable interest property is property that passes from a decedent and in which the surviving spouse has a qualifying income interest for life.

  • Qualified terminable interest property is property that: (1 ) passes from the donor; and (2) in which the spouse has qualifying income interest for life.

  • Qualified terminable interest property means property in which the surviving spouse receives an interest which entitles him/her to all of the income from the property, payable annually or more frequently and no one has the power to appoint the property to anyone other than the surviving spouse.

  • Qualified terminable interest property has been defined as:property in which a deceased spouse passes to the surviving spouse a “qualified income interest for life.” The surviving spouse has a qualifying income interest for life if the surviving spouse is entitled to all of the income for life and if, during the surviving spouse’s lifetime, no one has a power to appoint any part of the property to any person other than the surviving spouse.

  • Qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trustA QTIP trust is useful when the objective is to provide income to your surviving spouse while leaving the underlying property to a different beneficiary.

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  • Receivable Interest means, at any date of determination, an undivided percentage ownership interest in (a) all then outstanding Pool Receivables arising prior to the time of the most recent computation or recomputation of such undivided percentage interest pursuant to Section 1.03, (b) all Related Security with respect to such Pool Receivables and (c) all Collections with respect to, and other proceeds of, such Pool Receivables and Related Security. Each undivided percentage interest shall be computed as C + YR + LR + CAFR +DR NRPB where:

  • Special Equity Interest means any Equity Interest that is subject to a Lien in favor of creditors of the issuer of such Equity Interest provided that (a) such Lien was created to secure Indebtedness owing by such issuer to such creditors, (b) such Indebtedness was (i) in existence at the time the Obligors acquired such Equity Interest, (ii) incurred or assumed by such issuer substantially contemporaneously with such acquisition or (iii) already subject to a Lien granted to such creditors and (c) unless such Equity Interest is not intended to be included in the Collateral, the documentation creating or governing such Lien does not prohibit the inclusion of such Equity Interest in the Collateral.

  • Available Interest With respect to any Distribution Date, the sum of the following amounts with respect to the prior Monthly Period:

  • Qualified Termination has the meaning set forth in Section 4(b).

  • Applied Special Termination Advance has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.05.

  • Transferable interest means the right, as originally associated with a person’s capacity as a member, to receive distributions from a limited liability company in accordance with the operating agreement, whether or not the person remains a member or continues to own any part of the right.

  • Eligible interests means interests or memberships.

  • Accretion Termination Date As defined in the Series Supplement.

  • Subsidiary Redesignation shall have the meaning provided in the definition of “Unrestricted Subsidiary” contained in this Section 1.01.

  • Termination Payment Date means the earlier of the first Distribution Date following the liquidation or sale of the Receivables as a result of an Insolvency Event and the occurrence of the Scheduled Series 1995-1 Termination Date.

  • Availability Termination Date the earlier of (i) the date that is the seventh anniversary of the Closing Date and (ii) the date on which the Administrative Agent delivers to the Servicer a notice of termination as a result of a Termination Event in accordance herewith (or the date on which such termination becomes effective automatically pursuant to Section 7).

  • Insurable interest as used in this section means any actual, lawful, and substantial economic interest in the safety or preservation of the subject of the insurance free from loss, destruction, or pecuniary damage or impairment.

  • Revolving Facility Termination Date means the earlier of (i) August 9, 2018, or (ii) the date that the Commitments have been terminated pursuant to Section 8.02.

  • Borrowing Subsidiary Termination means a Borrowing Subsidiary Termination substantially in the form of Exhibit F-2.

  • Special Termination Advance means an Advance made pursuant to Section 2.02(g).

  • Loan Termination Date means the earliest to occur of the following: (i) as to the REVOLVING NOTES, November 1, 2012, as to the TERM NOTES, October 31, 2016, (ii) the date the OBLIGATIONS are accelerated pursuant to this AGREEMENT, and (iii) the date ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT has received (a) notice in writing from BORROWER of BORROWER’s election to terminate this AGREEMENT and (b) indefeasible payment in full of the OBLIGATIONS.

  • Accrued Note Interest means, for a Class and a Payment Date, the sum of the Note Monthly Interest and the Note Interest Shortfall.

  • qualifying interest means the aggregate interest, discount or original issue discount receivable by a resident individual in any year of income

  • Continuing ownership interest means ownership of or entitlement to more than twenty five per cent of shares or capital or profits of the company;

  • Uncertificated Accrued Interest With respect to each REMIC Regular Interest on each Distribution Date, an amount equal to one month’s interest at the related Uncertificated Pass-Through Rate on the related Uncertificated Principal Balance or related Uncertificated Notional Amount of such REMIC Regular Interest. In each case, Uncertificated Accrued Interest will be reduced by any Prepayment Interest Shortfalls and Relief Act Interest Shortfalls (allocated to such REMIC Regular Interests as set forth in Section 1.02).

  • Liquidity Provider Ratings Event Termination Date means the date established by the Tender and Paying Agent, acting upon instructions of the Fund pursuant to the Tender and Paying Agent Agreement, for termination of the VRDP Purchase Agreement upon the occurrence of a Liquidity Provider Ratings Event, which date shall be not less than 16 days nor more than 30 days following such Liquidity Provider Ratings Event.

  • (1) ELIGIBLE ENTITY.—The term eligible entity’ means—