Produces definition

Produces means the manufacture, planting, propagation, cultivation, growing or harvesting of marijuana.
Produces under sub. (1) means to create, bring forth, or cause hazardous sub- stances to exist in the work place. Door County Highway Department v. DILHR, 137 Wis. 2d 280, 404 N.W.2d 548 (Ct. App. 1987).
Produces means the manufacture, planting, cultivation,

Examples of Produces in a sentence

  • For more information see section 3.- Contact with the eyes: Produces eye damage after contact.D- CMR effects (carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and toxicity to reproduction):- Carcinogenicity: Based on available data, the classification criteria are not met, as it does not contain substances classified as hazardous for the effects mentioned.

  • Carriage of Forest Produces will be executed on the basis of existing Rules and Act.

  • Gabriel, “The Myth of Organic Soup: Only Life Produces Life,” See also J.

  • Produces structured and coherent submissions to DIO for allocation of resources and funding for programmes and projects to deal with asbestos.

  • Produces two glycerate (3-)phosphate / GP; Accept: any answer which indicates that 2 x as much GP produced from one RuBP.

More Definitions of Produces

Produces means the manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing or harvesting of marijuana. “Produces” does not include the drying of marijuana by a marijuana processor, if the marijuana processor is not otherwise producing marijuana; or the cultivation and growing of an immature marijuana plant by a marijuana processor, marijuana wholesaler or marijuana retailer if the marijuana processor, marijuana wholesaler, or marijuana retailer purchased or otherwise received the plant from a licensed marijuana producer.
Produces means the planting, cultivation, or growing of marijuana.
Produces under (1) means to create, bring forth, or cause hazardous substances to exist in work place. Door Cty. Highway Dept. v. DILHR, 137 W (2d) 280, 404 NW (2d) 548 (Ct. App. 1987).
Produces means any product or process or license therefor that, in whole or in part, absent the license granted hereunder, would infringe one or more Valid Claims of the Patent Rights, and
Produces means the manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing or harvesting of marijuana, but does not include:
Produces means to manufacture or publish any pornographic performance, book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, computer image, or other similar matter and includes the duplication, reproduction, or reissuing of any such matter, but does not include mere distribution or any other activity that does not involve hiring, contracting for, managing, or otherwise arranging for the participation of the performers depicted.
Produces. “Produced”, “Production” has the meaning set forth in Section 45X.