Premier Member definition

Premier Member means any entity that participates in the Premier Program.
Premier Member means a Member who holds Premier Points.
Premier Member means a Member that has paid the Premier Member Fee as given in Schedule 1 and thus has the corresponding membership entitlements as given in Schedule 2.

Examples of Premier Member in a sentence

  • Any MPI Preferred or Premier Member in good standing with MPI may become an Affiliate Member of the D/FW Chapter by paying the Chapter Affiliate Membership Fee of $100 directly to MPI D/FW Chapter.

  • The Outreach Committee will include one appointed voting representative from each Premier Member.

  • President-elect The Leadership Development Committee shall select and include on a slate to be presented to the membership, the names of one (1) Premier Member of the INSTITUTE as nominee for President-elect.

  • The Leadership Development Committee shall select and include on a slate to be presented to the membership, the name of one Premier Member as nominee for each open position on the Directors of the Board of Directors.

  • Note that a fee may not be assessed to some participants; e.g. Resource Experts, USNC Honorary Life Members, USNC Premier Member companies, or Consumer Advocates.

  • This handbook is a health care and Virginia Premier Member guide that explains health care services, behavioral health coverage, prescription drug coverage, and other services and supports covered under the program.

  • FACT is a leading producer and marketer of Complex fertilizers and Ammonium Sulphate industrial products in India.

  • Any person who is active in the science of food and who evidences interest in supporting the objectives of the INSTITUTE shall be eligible to become a Premier Member.

  • If you need to speak with us right away or before we contact you, call Virginia Premier Member Services at 1-800-727-7536 (TTY: 711) Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., visit our website at, or call the Virginia Medicaid Managed Care Helpline at 1-800-643-2273 (TTY: 1-800-817-6608) Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. for help.

  • Gold Member and Premier Member shall be entitled to enjoy all the benefits as stated in this Clause 5, whereas VIP Member and Loyal Member shall be entitled to the benefits as stated in Clause 5.2, 5.3, 5.6 only.

Related to Premier Member

  • Founder Member means a subscriber to these rules for the purposes of registration;

  • Former Member means a member that has withdrawn from a qualified authority under this section or a prior member of a qualified authority that has been dissolved under this section.

  • Team Member means an individual who is allowed to access the Cloud Service but is only granted membership in groups associated with “Team Member” permissions for the Cloud Service.2

  • Staff member means a staff member as defined in section 1(1) of the Public Service Act, 1995 (Act No. 13 of 1995);

  • Participating member means an eligible employee who elects to participate in the defined contribution retirement plan established under this chapter.

  • Executive Member means any elected member of the authority appointed to the executive of that authority;

  • Employee Member means a member of the “Bargaining Unit”.

  • ☐ - MULTI-MEMBER The “Capital Account” for each Member shall mean the account created and maintained for the Member in accordance with Section 704(b) of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulation Section 1.704-1(b)(2)(iv).

  • Bona fide member means an individual who participates in activities of a qualified organization

  • Panel Member means a Representative Subscriber appointed by a Panel Master for the purposes of receiving one or more invitations to an Electronic Workspace(s) and acting for the Panel Master in a given Conveyancing Transaction.

  • Other Member means a Voting Member who is not an Eligible Account Holder or a Supplemental Eligible Account Holder.

  • Plan Member means each Member any of the assets of which are subject to any Plan Governing Law.

  • Life Member means an Individual appointed as a Life Member of the Club under clause 5.2.

  • Full Member means any person who is in one of the categories of membership referred to in Rule 10.3.

  • Service member means a member of the armed forces, a reserve branch of the armed forces, or the Michigan national guard.

  • Class B Member means a Member holding one or more Class B Ordinary Shares.

  • Junior Member means a registered Member of the Club who is younger than 18 years of age.

  • Member Club means any past or present member club of the NFL or any past member club of the American Football League.

  • Unit Member refers to any employee who is included in the appropriate unit as defined in Article II and therefore covered by the terms and provisions of this Agreement.

  • Participating Entity Any Subcontractor or Subservicer which is “participating in the servicing function” within the meaning of Item 1122 of Regulation AB; provided, further, for the purposes of the third paragraph of Section 7.04(c), that a “Participating Entity” shall be determined without respect to any threshold limitations in Instruction 2. to Item 1122 of Regulation AB. Person: Any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization, government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.

  • Founding Member means any individual who is either:

  • Teaching staff member means an employee who holds a position for which a certificate issued by the New Jersey State Board of Examiners is required.

  • Unit Holder means the investor for the time being entered in the Register as owner of a Unit including investors jointly so registered pursuant to the provisions of this Trust Deed.

  • Managing Member means CEF Equipment Holding, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company or any successor Managing Member under the Issuer Limited Liability Company Agreement.

  • Class A Member means a Member holding one or more Class A Ordinary Shares.

  • Support staff member means an employee who holds a position for which no certificate issued by the New Jersey State Board of Examiners is required.