Prebon definition

Prebon means Prebon Energy Inc.”
Prebon is added as follows: ““Prebon” means Prebon Energy Inc.”

Examples of Prebon in a sentence

They are to be read together with and form part of the OTF Rules of the Tullett Prebon (Europe) OTF.

It is to be read together with and forms part of the MTF Rules of the Tullett Prebon (Europe) MTF.

Remunerated directorshipsTullett Prebon Plc (independent non-executive); inter-dealer broking.

They are to be read together with and form part of the OTF Rules of the Tullett Prebon (Securities) OTF.

The following procedures shall be followed if the Federal Funds (Open) Rate cannot be determined as described above: ·If the above rate is not published by 3:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Calculation Date, the Federal Funds (Open) Rate will be the rate on that Interest Determination Date displayed on FFPREBON Index Page on Bloomberg L.P. (“Bloomberg”), which is the Fed Funds Opening Rate as reported by Prebon Yamane, or any successor service, on Bloomberg.

The “=TTKL” notation signifies that the source of the data is obtained via Tullett, Prebon inter-dealer brokers based in London.

It is to be read together with and forms part of the MTF Rules of the Tullett Prebon (Securities) MTF.

Tullett Prebon Plc (independent non-executive); inter-dealer broking.

On July 19, 2017, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) awarded Sheppard Mullin client Tullett Prebon Financial Services LLC, a subsidiary of TP ICAP plc (formerly known as Tullett Prebon plc) approximately $2 million in damages and attorneys’ fees against its former employee, Andrew Arnold, and Arnold’s current employer Bay Crest Partners, LLC.

The case began when Arnold breached the 12-month notice provision in his employment agreement by resigning from his employment at Tullett Prebon and commencing employment at Bay Crest, a direct competitor of Tullett Prebon, three months after his resignation.

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