Definition of Pre-Closing Transition Period

Pre-Closing Transition Period means the period of time beginning on the Effective Date and ending on the Initial Closing Date.
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Examples of Pre-Closing Transition Period in a sentence

Pulaski Bank hereby employs and Employee agrees to remain employed by Pulaski Bank during the period beginning as of the date of this Agreement and continuing through the Effective Time (the "Pre-Closing Transition Period").
The Pre-Closing Transition Period and the Post-Closing Transition Period are collectively referred to herein as the "Transition Periods").
ARL and ARI hereby agree to work together, in good faith, during the Pre-Closing Transition Period, to enter into a Contract to more fully document, in a form reasonably satisfactory to ARL and ARI, the Subcontractor Agreement.
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, during the Pre-Closing Transition Period, the Parties shall use their respective commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with each other in all matters to effect an orderly and smooth transition of the railcar leasing business of the ARI Entities from ARL's management to ARI's management, and upon and following any RemainCo Start Date, the management of the railcar leases of the applicable RemainCo from ARL's management to ARI's management.