Definition of Powder River Basin

Powder River Basin means the coal producing area located in northeastern Wyoming and southeastern Montana, as shown generally on the map attached as Exhibit C.
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Examples of Powder River Basin in a sentence

The coal is transported from the Powder River Basin to Luminant's plants by railcar pursuant to various contracts.
These increases in the cost of delivered Powder River Basin coal increase the cost of operating Luminant's lignite/coal-fueled units and, consequently, reduce overall profits.
Second, the cost of delivered coal has increased since the 2007 Acquisition for four reasons: (1) increases in the price of Powder River Basin Coal, which is used to fuel several of the Debtors' coal-fueled units (2) higher rail transportation costs; (3) the addition of rail fuel surcharges to certain agreements; and (4) inflation.
Luminant meets its fuel requirements at its Big Brown, Monticello, and Martin Lake plants by blending lignite with coal purchased from third-party suppliers in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.
As a result of projected mining development costs, current economic forecasts and regulatory uncertainty, in 2014, Luminant decided to transition the fuel plans at its Big Brown and Monticello generation facilities to be fully fueled with coal from the Powder River Basin.