Definition of Post-Closing Waiver Letter

Post-Closing Waiver Letter means the Post-Closing Waiver Letter, dated as of the Closing Date, among the Loan Parties and the Agent.
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Examples of Post-Closing Waiver Letter in a sentence

The agreement of the Lenders to make the initial Advances requested to be made and the Issuer to issue the initial Letters of Credit requested to be issued on the Closing Date is subject to the satisfaction immediately prior to or concurrently with the making of such Advances and the issuance of such Letters of Credit, of the following conditions precedent unless waived by the Agent pursuant to the Post-Closing Waiver Letter: (a) Loan Documents.
The Agent shall have received an executed version of this Agreement, the Notes and, to the extent not otherwise specifically described below, any Other Loan Documents to be delivered on the Closing Date, including (i) the Post-Closing Waiver Letter and (ii) the other documents required to be delivered pursuant to the Closing Agenda, in each case, in form, substance and number satisfactory to the Agent; (b) Collateral and Security.