Definition of Post Business

Post Business means the manufacture, distribution and marketing of Post(r) brand ready-to-eat cereal products and any other businesses or operations that, if owned or operated by Ralcorp as of the Distribution Date, would be properly included in Ralcorp's branded cereal products reporting segment, in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States as of the Distribution Date.

Examples of Post Business in a sentence

All other information in the Form 10 Registration Statement, the Information Statement, any Notes Offering Memorandum, the Stock Options Registration Statement (or related prospectus forming a part thereof) and any other registration statement filed by Post (or related prospectus forming a part thereof) shall be deemed supplied by the Post Business or the Post Indemnified Parties.
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If Post reasonably determines that additional transition services (not listed in the Services Letter) of the type previously provided by the Ralcorp Parties to the Post Business are necessary to conduct the Post Business and Post or its Subsidiaries are not able to provide such services to the Post Business, then Post may provide written notice thereof to Ralcorp.
Prior to the Distribution, the Parties shall cooperate in effecting, and if so requested by the other Party, shall ratify any actions which are reasonably necessary or desirable to be taken by Post to effectuate the transactions referenced in or contemplated by this Agreement in a manner consistent with the terms hereof, including the preparation and implementation of appropriate plans, agreements and arrangements for employees of the Post Business and non-employee members of Posts Board of Directors.
Assumed Actions means those Actions in which Ralcorp or any of its Subsidiaries is a defendant or the Party against whom the claim or investigation is directed and which primarily relate to the Post Business, including those Actions listed on Schedule 1.01(A).