Definition of Portfolio Transfer

Portfolio Transfer means the transfer of the Policies by COLISEE to PREEL proposed to be effected between the Parties.
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Examples of Portfolio Transfer in a sentence

Spread management business, comparable to basic full Loss Portfolio Transfer Purchase blocks of existing policy or claim reserves (reserve buy outs) All originated transactions - winner takes all Known data files - no unreported exposures, minimal IBNR Access to historic experience data Only products with highly predictable and non-volatile cash flows Full asset transfer - the economic value of the liabilities It is NOT ...
These dividends will not be a part of the Loss Portfolio Transfer Agreement.
Either the Reinsurer or the Company may terminate this Agreement and the reinsurance hereunder upon at least 3 business days prior written notice of its intent to terminate this Agreement upon the execution of the Portfolio Transfer by the Company of the Reinsured Risks.
All costs and expenses of obtaining such Loss Portfolio Transfer Reinsurance Policies shall be borne by a Homecare Entity; provided, that the aggregate amount of all such costs and expenses shall be deducted from the net consideration payable to the Put Sellers (as defined in the Homecare JV Agreement) or the Call Sellers (as defined in the Homecare JV Agreement) payable at the Put/Call Closing.
In the event adjustments are required to correct any error in the computation of the NAV of any Portfolio, Transfer Agent or MIP shall give the Trust prior notice and describe the need for such adjustments (including the date of the error, the incorrect price and the correct price).