Porter definition

Porter means Porter Capital, Ltd., a British Virgin Islands corporation and one of the Affiliated Creditors.
Porter means an employee who attends to guests upon arrival and departure, conveys guests baggage to and from guests rooms, and other duties as required.
Porter means Porter Airlines Inc.;

Examples of Porter in a sentence

  • Porter 56 East 67th Street Manhattan, New York City 270 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City John F.

  • Porter 56 East 67th Street 270 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City Manhattan, New York City John F.

  • In connection with the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q of Porter Bancorp, Inc.

  • Pursuant to 326 IAC 2-6-1, this source is not subject to this rule, because it is not required to have an operating permit under 326 IAC 2-7 (Part 70), it is not located in Lake, Porter, or LaPorte County, and it does not emit lead into the ambient air at levels equal to or greater than 5 tons per year.

  • Until some years ago, most public transport services were under the management of public authorities (mainly local and regional administrations) either directly by civil officers or through a public company in charge of the service.

More Definitions of Porter

Porter means a luggage porter duly licensed under this By-law.
Porter means Michael Porter. Prexxxxxxxx xxxxx mean any Person whose liabilities, including without limitation liabilities arising under any Environmental Law, have or may have been retained or assumed by any Seller Party or any of its Affiliates, either contractually or by operation of law. Product has the meaning set forth in Section 5.21(b).
Porter means Daniel B. Porter, a resident of Travis County, Texas.
Porter means Porter Bros. Corporation, a corporation xxxxxporated xxxxxxnt to the laws of North Dakota as at the date hereof, and any successor of it, as the context requires;
Porter means a laborer, hamal or coollie or engaged for Dara-making loading, unloading, filling, stitching, emptying or carrying any agricultural produce in the notified marker area.
Porter s permit" means a permit issued by the General Manager in terms of section 28 (2) of this by-law;