Porter definition

Porter means Porter Capital, Ltd., a British Virgin Islands corporation and one of the Affiliated Creditors.
Porter means Porter Airlines Inc.;
Porter means a person who has been granted a licence by the Agency for the purpose of operating a hand-barrow in a wholesale market;

Examples of Porter in a sentence

  • Pursuant to 326 IAC 2-6-1, this source is not subject to this rule, because it is not required to have an operating permit under 326 IAC 2-7 (Part 70), it is not located in Lake, Porter, or LaPorte County, and it does not emit lead into the ambient air at levels equal to or greater than 5 tons per year.

  • Michael Chambers motioned to approve the item; Paul Porter seconded.

  • Porter (Ed.), Recreational therapy basics, techniques, and interventions.

  • Motioned by ; Seconded by ; Vote: Mr. Porter, Y N; Mr. Jakubec, Y N; Mrs.

  • Entretenir l’appareil conformément à ce manuel.• Porter un harnais de sécurité quand on travaille en hauteur.• Maintenir solidement en place tous les panneaux et capots.• Fixer le câble de retour de façon à obtenir un bon contact métal-métal avec la pièce à souder ou la table de travail, le plus près possible de la soudure.• Isoler la pince de masse quand pas mis à la pièce pour éviter le contact avec tout objet métallique.

More Definitions of Porter

Porter means an employee who attends to guests upon arrival and departure, conveys guests baggage to and from guests rooms, and other duties as required.
Porter means a luggage porter duly licensed under this By-law.
Porter means a person who—
Porter means a person who is wholly or mainly employed for porteringduties;
Porter means a person who is employed in transporting goods;
Porter means any person who carries goods, wares or merchandise for sale in or from the market;
Porter means a laborer, hamal or coollie or engaged for Dara-making loading, unloading, filling, stitching, emptying or carrying any agricultural produce in the notified marker area.