Definition of Pool Energy

Pool Energy means the energy supplied and sold by one Operating Company to another Operating Company to enable the purchasing Operating Company to meet a portion of its Load that such other Operating Company cannot or does not plan to serve with its resources.
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Examples of Pool Energy in a sentence

The purpose of this Schedule is to provide the basis for determining payments and receipts among the Companies for Pool Energy exchanges.
A selling Company shall receive from a purchasing Company one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the Seller's Incremental Energy Cost for Pool Energy sold.
A purchasing Company shall pay for Pool Energy received one hundred and ten percent (110%) of its portion of the aggregate of the Seller's Incremental Cost for Pool Energy.
PESCO means Pool Energy Services Co., a Texas corporation which is PESCO Subsidiary's parent.
Where Pool Energy is purchased simultaneously by more than one Company these charges shall be pro rated in proportion to the megawatt-hours of Pool Energy purchased by each buyer.