PIN-based Debit Cards definition

PIN-based Debit Cards means debit cards utilizing a personal identification number (“PIN”).

Examples of PIN-based Debit Cards in a sentence

  • If You accept PIN-based Debit Cards or other approved Debit Card Transactions, the approved device must provide both a PIN-pad capable of processing the Cardholder’s personal identification number (PIN) together with a printer.

  • If the device is inoperable at the time of an authorization request, PIN-based Debit Card Transactions will be declined by You, but other Transactions for Approved Cards other than PIN-based Debit Cards may be authorized by using the appropriate dial-up facility and entered into the device later that day as a forced-sale, with the obtained approval number.

  • PIN-based Debit Cards, also issued by financial institutions, rely on connectivity to various Debit Card switching networks such as STAR, Interlink, NYCE, PULSE and several others.

  • No item shall be deemed defective or not in accordance herewith if such item conforms to approval samples or previously accepted materials or if such item fits Buyer’s parts, jigs, or equipment or otherwise reasonably accommodates the purpose for which the goods are generally intended.

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  • Debit Card means a card issued by the Financial Institution that allows the holder of the card to deposit cash and/or Instruments or withdraw cash from the Account through an ATM, authorize Transactions on the Account through an ATM, and that operates like an Instrument to purchase goods and services from merchants.

  • Debit Card Transaction means an electronic payment using a Card for the purchase of goods or services (which can include payment for CashBack), by a Cardholder, to a Retailer displaying the Visa logo and/or who is in the Visa Scheme.

  • Stored-value card means a record evidencing a promise made for consideration by the seller or issuer of the record that goods, services, or money will be provided to the owner of the record to the value or amount shown in the record. The term:

  • ACH debit means any attempted or completed debit to a person’s account at a financial institution that is processed electronically through the Automated Clearing House Network.

  • Minor source baseline date means the earliest date after the trigger date on which a major stationary source or a major modification subject to 40 CFR 52.21 or to regulations approved pursuant to 40 CFR 51.166 submits a complete application under the relevant regulations. The trigger date is:

  • Account Opening / Investment Account Opening Form means standardized form prescribed by the Management Company to be duly filled by the investors at the time of opening an account with the Fund.

  • Silicone-based multi-purpose lubricant means any lubricant which is:

  • Report-based Disbursements means the Borrower’s option for withdrawal of funds from the Credit Account referred to in Part A.5 of Schedule 1 to this Agreement;

  • Direct Debit means a payment service for debiting a payer's payment account, where a payment transaction is initiated by the payee on the basis of the payer's consent given to the payee, to the payee's payment service provider or to the payer's own payment service provider;

  • Payment card means a credit card, charge card, debit card, or any other card that is issued to an authorized card user and that allows the user to obtain, purchase, or receive goods, services, money, or anything else of value from a merchant.

  • Investment Criteria The criteria specified in Section 12.2.

  • Open type traction battery means a type of battery requiring liquid and generating hydrogen gas released to the atmosphere.

  • DTC/FAST Program means the DTC’s Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program.

  • Credit Card Account means the Account of the Cardmember opened with Maybank for the purpose of this Agreement;

  • Performance-based contracting means the structuring of all aspects of the procurement of services around the purpose of the work to be performed and the desired results with the contract requirements set forth in clear, specific, and objective terms with measurable outcomes. Contracts shall also include provisions that link the performance of the contractor to the level and timing of reimbursement.

  • Smart Card means, in relation to a Subscriber, a card or other device issued by IPTV Operator to that Subscriber that, when enabled by a CAS and inserted in such Subscriber's Set Top Box, has the functionality of enabling such Subscriber's Set Top Box to receive the Channels distributed by the IPTV Operator.

  • Investment Canada Act means the Investment Canada Act (Canada).

  • Highest Required Investment Category means (i) with respect to ratings assigned by Xxxxx’x, “Aa2” or “P-1” for one month instruments, “Aa2” and “P-1” for three month instruments, “Aa3” and “P-1” for six month instruments and “Aa2” and “P-1” for instruments with a term in excess of six months and (ii) with respect to ratings assigned by S&P, “A-1” for short-term instruments and “A” for long-term instruments.

  • Random selection basis means a mechanism for selection of employees that:

  • Book-Based System means a system for the central handling of securities or equivalent book-based entries under which all securities of a class or series deposited within the system are treated as fungible and may be transferred or pledged by bookkeeping entry without physical delivery;

  • Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing or “MECAB” means the document prepared by the Billing Committee of the OBF, which functions under the auspices of the Carrier Liaison Committee (CLC) of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS). The MECAB document, published by ATIS as ATIS/OBF-MECAB- Issue 6, February 1998, contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access services provided to an IXC by two (2) or more LECs, or by one LEC in two (2) or more states within a single LATA.

  • City-based manufacturer means a person who: (i) holds any appropriate city license; (ii) is subject to applicable city taxes; and (iii) owns, operates, or leases a manufacturing facility within the city.

  • Replacement Card means a renewal or replacement Card issued to you by us;

  • SIM Card means the subscriber identity module which when used with the appropriate mobile phone handset enables you to access the Network, and to access and use the Mobile Money Account;

  • Credit Card Receivables means each “payment intangible” (as defined in the UCC) together with all income, payments and proceeds thereof, owed by a Credit Card Issuer or Credit Card Processor to a Loan Party resulting from charges by a customer of a Loan Party on credit or debit cards issued by such Credit Card Issuer in connection with the sale of goods by a Loan Party, or services performed by a Loan Party, in each case in the ordinary course of its business.

  • MasterCard means MasterCard International Incorporated.