Permitted Affiliate Sale definition

Permitted Affiliate Sale means any sale by a holder of Common Stock to any one or more of its Affiliates, if such Affiliate agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement to the same extent as the transferor and executes a joinder hereto.
Permitted Affiliate Sale means the sale of a Property to an Affiliate of Borrower that is not itself a Borrower, which Affiliate’s immediate intention is to materially redevelop such Property as evidenced by an Officer’s Certificate submitted to Lender describing such redevelopment in reasonable detail; provided, however, no such sale shall be a “Permitted Affiliate Sale” if, after giving effect thereto, the sum of the Allocated Loan Amounts of all Properties subject to Permitted Affiliate Sales from and after the Closing Date would exceed $25,000,000.
Permitted Affiliate Sale means the sale of a Property to an Affiliate that is expressly permitted under the Mezzanine Loan Agreement.

Examples of Permitted Affiliate Sale in a sentence

  • As used herein, “Principal Proceeds” means all amounts received by the Company with respect to the Portfolio Investments (other than proceeds from a Permitted Affiliate Sale) or any other Collateral, and all amounts otherwise on deposit in the Accounts (including cash contributed by the Company), in each case other than Interest Proceeds or amounts on deposit in the Interest Reserve Account.

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Permitted Affiliate Sale shall have the meaning specified in the Additional Terms Letter.
Permitted Affiliate Sale means the transfer of not less than eighty percent (80%) of all of the economic and voting rights associated with ownership of all outstanding equity of the Company on a fully diluted basis to the Permitted Affiliate, whether by way of a sale, assignment, merger, consolidation, share exchange, business combination, recapitalization, liquidation, dissolution or similar transaction effectuating such sale; provided that on the date of consummation of the Permitted Affiliate Sale each of the Permitted Affiliate Sale Conditions are satisfied.
Permitted Affiliate Sale has the meaning set forth in Section 5.03(a)(iv)(B) hereof.

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  • Permitted Affiliate means with respect to any Person (a) any Person that directly or indirectly controls such Person, and (b) any Person which is controlled by or is under common control with such controlling Person. As used in this definition, the term “control” of a Person means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to vote eighty percent (80%) or more of any class of voting securities of such Person or to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of a Person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise.

  • Permitted Affiliate Transactions means the following:

  • Permitted Asset Sale means any Asset Sale that is permitted under Section 6.8.

  • Permitted Asset Swap means the concurrent purchase and sale or exchange of assets used or useful in a Similar Business or a combination of such assets and cash, Cash Equivalents between the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries and another Person; provided that any cash or Cash Equivalents received in excess of the value of any cash or Cash Equivalents sold or exchanged must be applied in accordance with Section 3.5 hereof.

  • Permitted Business Acquisition means any acquisition of all or substantially all the assets of, or all or substantially all the Equity Interests (other than directors’ qualifying shares) not previously held by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries in, or merger, consolidation or amalgamation with, a person or division, line of business or individual facility of a person (or any subsequent investment made in a person or division, line of business or individual facility previously acquired in a Permitted Business Acquisition), if immediately after giving effect thereto: (i) no Event of Default under clause (b), (c), (h) or (i) of Section 7.01 shall have occurred and be continuing or would result therefrom, provided, however, that with respect to a proposed acquisition pursuant to an executed acquisition agreement, at the option of the Borrower, the determination of whether such an Event of Default shall exist shall be made solely at the time of the execution of the acquisition agreement related to such Permitted Business Acquisition; (ii) all transactions related thereto shall be consummated in all material respects in accordance with applicable laws; (iii) [reserved]; (iv) any acquired or newly formed Subsidiary shall not be liable for any Indebtedness except for Indebtedness permitted by Section 6.01; (v) to the extent required by Section 5.11, any person acquired in such acquisition, if acquired by the Borrower or a Domestic Subsidiary, shall be merged into the Borrower or a Subsidiary Loan Party or become upon consummation of such acquisition a Subsidiary Loan Party; and (vi) the aggregate cash consideration in respect of such acquisitions and investments by the Borrower or a Subsidiary Loan Party in assets that are not owned by the Borrower or Subsidiary Loan Parties or in Equity Interests in persons that are not Subsidiary Loan Parties or do not become Subsidiary Loan Parties, in each case upon consummation of such acquisition, shall not exceed, the greater of (x) $40,000,000 and (y) 0.12 times the EBITDA calculated on a Pro Forma Basis for the then most recently ended Test Period (excluding for purposes of the calculation in this clause (vi), (A) any such assets or Equity Interests that are no longer owned by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries and (B) acquisitions and investments made at a time when, immediately after giving effect thereto, the Net Total Leverage Ratio on a Pro Forma Basis would not exceed 2.72 to 1.00, which acquisitions and investments shall be permitted under this clause (vi) without regard to such calculation).

  • Permitted Sale means those sales, transfers or assignments permitted by the Credit Agreement.

  • Permitted Assets means any and all properties or assets that are used or useful in a Permitted Business (including Capital Stock in a Person that is a Restricted Subsidiary and Capital Stock in a Person whose primary business is a Permitted Business that shall become a Restricted Subsidiary immediately upon the acquisition of such Capital Stock by the Issuer or by a Restricted Subsidiary, but excluding any other securities).

  • Designated Affiliate means the affiliates of the Corporation designated by the Committee for purposes of the Plan from time to time;

  • Permitted Sale-Leaseback Transactions means any sale or transfer by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries of any Principal Property owned by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries with the intention of taking back a lease thereof; provided, however, that “Permitted Sale-Leaseback Transactions” shall not include any such transaction involving machinery and/or equipment (excluding any lease for a temporary period of not more than thirty-six months with the intent that the use of the subject machinery and/or equipment will be discontinued at or before the expiration of such period) relating to facilities (a) in full operation for more than 180 days as of the date of this Supplemental Indenture and (b) that are material to the business of the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, to the extent that the aggregate Attributable Value of the machinery and/or equipment from time to time involved in such transactions (giving effect to payment in full under any such transaction and excluding the Applied Amounts, as defined in the following sentence), plus the amount of obligations and Indebtedness from time to time secured by Liens incurred under Section 6.1(18), exceeds the greater of (i) $1,000 million and (ii) 15.0% of Net Worth as determined at the time of, and immediately after giving effect to, the incurrence of such transactions based on the balance sheet for the end of the most recent quarter for which financial statements are available (such greater amount, the “Applicable Threshold”). For purposes of this definition, “Applied Amounts” means an amount (which may be conclusively determined by the Board of Directors of the Company) equal to the greater of (i) capitalized rent with respect to the applicable machinery and/or equipment and (ii) the fair value of the applicable machinery and/or equipment, that is applied within 180 days of the applicable transaction or transactions to repayment of the Notes or to the repayment of any indebtedness for borrowed money which, in accordance with GAAP, is classified as long-term debt and that is on parity with the Notes.

  • Permitted Sale-Leaseback Transaction means any Sale Lease-Back Transaction by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, provided that (i) the proceeds of the respective Sale Lease-Back Transaction shall be entirely cash and in an amount at least equal to 95% of the aggregate amount expended by the Company or such Subsidiary in acquiring such asset (or, if not then acquired, 95% of the Fair Market Value of the Property subject to such Sale-Leaseback Transaction) and (ii) the respective transaction is otherwise effected in accordance with the applicable requirements of Section 6.10.

  • Qualified Affiliate means an Affiliate of a Lender who has executed and delivered to the Administrative Agent an instrument of adhesion in the form set forth in Schedule J.

  • Permitted Sale and Leaseback Transaction has the meaning provided in Section 3.02(b).

  • Permitted Transaction means any transaction involving (i) a Swap that is not a Required Transaction or (ii) a Required Transaction that is a component of a Covered Package Transaction.

  • Permitted Acquisition Indebtedness means Indebtedness (including Disqualified Stock) of the Company or any of the Restricted Subsidiaries to the extent such Indebtedness was Indebtedness:

  • Excluded Affiliate means any Affiliate of any Agent that is engaged as a principal primarily in private equity, mezzanine financing or venture capital.

  • Permitted Transactions has the meaning set forth in Section 13(B).

  • Permitted Acquisition means an Acquisition by Borrower or any wholly-owned Subsidiary of Borrower of all or substantially all of the assets of, or all of the capital stock or other equity interests of, an Acquired Person engaged in similar or related line(s) of business as Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, provided, that:

  • Permitted Sale Leaseback means any Sale Leaseback consummated by the Borrower or any of the Restricted Subsidiaries after the Original Closing Date, provided that any such Sale Leaseback not between (a) a Credit Party and another Credit Party or (b) a Restricted Subsidiary that is not a Credit Party to another Restricted Subsidiary that is not a Credit Party is consummated for fair value as determined at the time of consummation in good faith by (i) the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary and, in the case of any Sale Leaseback (or series of related Sales Leasebacks) the aggregate proceeds of which exceed $100,000,000, (ii) the board of directors of the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary (which such determination may take into account any retained interest or other Investment of the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary in connection with, and any other material economic terms of, such Sale Leaseback).

  • Permitted Asset Disposition means (i) any Asset Disposition permitted by Section 8.5 and (ii) any Excluded Asset Disposition.

  • Permitted Business Investment means any Investment made in the ordinary course of, and of a nature that is or shall have become customary in, the Oil and Gas Business including investments or expenditures for actively exploiting, exploring for, acquiring, developing, producing, processing, gathering, marketing or transporting oil, natural gas or other Hydrocarbons and minerals through agreements, transactions, interests or arrangements which permit one to share risks or costs, comply with regulatory requirements regarding local ownership or satisfy other objectives customarily achieved through the conduct of the Oil and Gas Business jointly with third parties including:

  • Permitted Business Investments means Investments by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries in any Unrestricted Subsidiary of the Company or in any Joint Venture, provided that:

  • Permitted Group means any group of investors that is deemed to be a "person" (as that term is used in Section 13(d)(3) of the Exchange Act), by virtue of the Stockholders Agreement, as the same may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time; provided that no single Person (other than the Principals and their Related Parties) Beneficially Owns (together with its Affiliates) more of the Voting Stock of the Company that is Beneficially Owned by such group of investors than is then collectively Beneficially Owned by the Principals and their Related Parties in the aggregate.

  • Permitted Asset Dispositions means the following Asset Dispositions, provided, however, that at the time of such Asset Disposition, no Default or Event of Default exists or would result from such Asset Disposition:

  • Permitted Securitization Transaction Any financing transaction undertaken by the Seller or an Affiliate of the Seller that is secured, directly or indirectly, by the Collateral or any portion thereof or any interest therein, including any sale, lease, whole loan sale, asset securitization, secured loan or other transfer.

  • Permitted Acquired Debt shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.04(d).

  • Permitted Obligations mean (i) nonspeculative Hedging Obligations of any Person and its Subsidiaries arising in the ordinary course of business and in accordance with such Person’s established risk management policies that are designed to protect such Person against, among other things, fluctuations in interest rates or currency exchange rates and which in the case of agreements relating to interest rates shall have a notional amount no greater than the payments due with respect to the applicable obligations being hedged and (ii) Commodity Trading Obligations. For the avoidance of doubt, such transactions shall be considered nonspeculative if undertaken in conformance with FE’s Corporate Risk Management Policy then in effect, as approved by FE’s Audit Committee, together with the Approved Business Unit Risk Management Policies referenced thereunder.