OWI definition

OWI means OWI Corporation, a New York corporation, and its successors and assigns permitted hereunder.
OWI means OceanWorks International, Inc., its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, and its customer for whom the Goods or Services are requested.

Examples of OWI in a sentence

  • One OWI that is non-work related and if AODA assessment completed, assessment does not indicate dependency.2. Complaints that even if allegations are true, do not amount to a violation of law or rules.Motion carried unanimously.

  • Any printed version of this OWI is uncontrolled (reference: HCP 1400.1, Document and Data Control).

  • Confessions and admissions.b. Criminal law.c. Juvenile law.d. Law of arrest.e. Motor vehicle law.f. Narcotics law.g. OWI legal.h. Rules of evidence.

  • The controlled version of this OWI is available on the World Wide Web (WWW) via the HQ ISO 9000 Document Library at http://hqiso9000.hq.nasa.gov.

  • Under the terms of the Acquisition, Marathon paid Ashland shareholders cash in lieu of issuing fractional shares of Marathon’s common stock to which such holder would otherwise be entitled.

  • The program shall have for each position and each staff person a written job description that describes the duties of each position and staff and the qualifications required for each position.(1) A staff person providing screening, OWI evaluation, assessment or treatment services in accordance with these rules shall be qualified as an addictive disorder professional by meeting at least one of the following conditions:1.

  • It is not unusual for insurance rates to triple after an OWI conviction.

  • However, other offenses included in "non- persons" category are bribery, escape, illegal weapons possession, and drunken driving (except Serious Injury OWI).

  • Ranging in age from 14 to over 60, they are charged with offenses such as OWI, public intoxication, illegal possession or consumption of alcohol, possession of marijuana or paraphernalia.

  • When determin- ing a penalty, Wisconsin counts prior offenses committed in states with OWI statutes that differ significantly from Wisconsin’s.

More Definitions of OWI

OWI means Omega Worldwide Inc.
OWI. Omega Wire, Inc., a New York corporation.

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  • WOj means the lowest performance (expressed as a percentage) among the Indices as determined by the Calculation Agent in accordance with the following formula: Mini = 1 to 2 Where:

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  • Corporate Finance Fee means the fee to be paid to the Agent by the Issuer in consideration of corporate finance and structuring services provided by the Agent;