Net definition

Net means the amount of a pollutant contained in the discharge measured in appropriate units as specified herein, less the amount of a pollutant contained in the surface water body intake source, measured in the same units, over the same period of time, provided:
Net wells means the aggregate number of wells obtained by multiplying each gross well by Paramount’s percentage working interest therein.
Net means: (a) in relation to an issuer’s interest in production or reserves its working interest (operating or non-operating) share after deduction of royalty obligations, plus the its royalty interests in production or reserves; (b) in relation to an issuer’s interest in wells, the number of wells obtained by aggregating the issuer’s working interest in each of its gross wells; and (c) in relation to an issuer’s interest in a property, the total area in which the issuer has an interest multiplied by the working interest owned by the issuer.

Examples of Net in a sentence

Net debt (interest-bearing liabilities less cash and cash equi- valents) increased by 4.9% on the value for the start of the year (€ 1,167,656 K), amounting to € 1,225,234 K at end of March 2017.

MANAGEMENT REPORT Net asset valueNAV (shareholders’ equity) was € 2,228,377 K on 31 March 2017 (€ 23.87 per share) compared to the value for the end of 2016 of € 2.204.541 K (€ 23.60 per share); this represented an increase per share of 1.1%.

Cash discounts for early payment (i.e. 2%-10) or Net 30 terms should be shown separately, even if terms are Net.

Financial Documents⬜ (l) The prospective bidder’s audited financial statements, showing, among others, the prospective bidder’s total and current assets and liabilities, stamped “received” by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the preceding calendar year which should not be earlier than two (2) years from the date of bid submission; and⬜ (m) The prospective bidder’s computation of Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC).

The total amount of the ongoing and awarded but not yet started contracts should be consistent with those used in the Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC).

More Definitions of Net

Net or "net" means:
Net reserves means Baytex's gross reserves less all royalties payable to others.
Net means the aggregate of the numbers obtained by multiplying each gross acre by the actual percentage interest therein.
Net or “net” means:
Net means a fabric of rope, cord, twine or other material knotted or woven into meshes and designed or fitted to take fish;
Net means the sum of the fractional working interests owned in gross acres.
Net means the total acreage in which Vermilion has a working interest, directly or indirectly, multiplied by the percentage working interest of Vermilion.