Definition of NESR Closing Date

NESR Closing Date means the date on which the NESR Closing occurs.

Examples of NESR Closing Date in a sentence

Except as notified in writing by NESR to the Selling Stockholders at least 5 Business Days prior to NESR Closing, the Selling Stockholders shall cause each of the directors of the Company and the Subsidiaries to submit a letter of resignation effective on or before the NESR Closing Date.
Each of Olayan and NESR shall consummate with the Selling Stockholders the sale and purchase of the Olayan Company Shares and the NESR Company Shares ("Closing") on the Olayan Closing Date and the NESR Closing Date, respectively ("Closing Date").
Following the NESR Closing Date, NESR shall make the following payments, according to the following terms and subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions, in cash and/or in Equity Stock to be paid or issued or transferred by NESR to the Selling Stockholders.