Definition of MDI Tender Offer

MDI Tender Offer means the MDI Acquisition accomplished pursuant to the MDI Tender Offer Statement, as the same may be extended from time to time.

Examples of MDI Tender Offer in a sentence

Proceeds of the Term Loan shall be used by the Borrowers to finance the MDI Acquisition, the MDI Tender Offer and the MDI Merger, and related transactions, including the acquisition of other Capital Stock of Mechanical Dynamics.
Prior to the initial funding of Advances hereunder, the Loan Parties shall furnish Agent under this Agreement, with signed copies for each Bank, opinions of counsel to the Loan Parties, dated the Effective Date and covering such matters as reasonably required by and otherwise reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to the Agent and each of the Banks (including matters related to the MDI Acquisition and the MDI Tender Offer).