Massing definition

Massing means the way in which a building’s gross cubic volume is distributed upon the site, which parts are higher, lower, wider, or narrower.
Massing means the way in which a building’s gross cubic volume is distributed upon the
Massing. Means the three-dimensional bulk of a structure: height, width and depth.197

Examples of Massing in a sentence

  • Massing Choices: Strive for a successful transition between zones where a project abuts a less intense zone.CS2-D-5.

  • Policy SDP7 (Context) and SDP9 (Scale, Massing, and Appearance) allows development which will not harm the character and appearance of the local area, and the building design in terms of scale and massing should be high quality which respects the surrounding area.

  • Diagrams, plans and images to illustrate:  Overall approach to site layout Access and connectivity Parking Landscape / Public realm Built form Massing and height Key views Precedent images for elevational treatments (representative of your approach to this site) 3.

  • Massing Study – an analysis of the building’s integration into its surroundings and neighborhood with drawings, models, or photographs.

  • Design the architectural elements and finish details to create a unified building, so that all components appear integral to the whole.B4.1. Massing: When composing the massing, consider how the following can contribute tocreate a building that exhibits a coherent architectural concept:a.

  • Massing designs should meet new standards for RF zoned subdivisions.

  • Diez Roux AV, Merkin SS, Arnett D, Chambless L, Massing M, Nieto FJ, et al.

  • Building Massing & Upper Level Step-Backs: Arrange building massing and use upper-level step-backs to increase solar access into ground floors, shared amenity spaces, streets, and the public realm, especially on narrow rights-of-way such as University Way NE.

  • Small area plans may contain any of the following elements:• Multi-Modal Circulation Network (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, and public transit networks).• Green Infrastructure Network (floodplains, wetlands, lakes, streams, parks, squares, and other public open spaces).• Location of sites reserved for Civic and Institutional buildings and uses.• General Massing and Development Intensity Pattern.• Specific Design Guidelines (in addition to those contained in this Ordinance).

  • Site Massing Plan — illustrating the height and massing of building volumes for each proposed building site, and including studies of anticipated shadow and wind impacts resulting from building mass.

More Definitions of Massing

Massing means the interaction of height, width, depth, and proportion, thus forming a visual image of size.
Massing means the physical bulk or volume of a building or parking structure. In

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