Liquid fertilizer definition

Liquid fertilizer means fertilizer in liquid form. “Liq- uid fertilizer” includes fertilizer solutions, fertilizer suspensions, fertilizer slurries and dilute fertilizers intended for distribution as fertilizer.
Liquid fertilizer means a form of Fertilizer which typically is sprayed directly onto a plant.
Liquid fertilizer means any fluid containing plant nutrients used to improve the quality or quantity of plant growth but does not include anhydrous ammonia.

Examples of Liquid fertilizer in a sentence

  • Subchapter III — Storage Containers and Related Structures ATCP 33.20 Liquid fertilizer and pesticide storage containers.

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Liquid fertilizer means anhydrous ammonia or any ammonia solution generating a vapor pressure of twenty-five (25) psi gauge, and over, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit;
Liquid fertilizer means fertilizer in fluid form and includes solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and slurries. Liquid fertilizer does not include anhydrous ammonia.
Liquid fertilizer means fertilizer in liquid form. “Liquid fertilizer” includes
Liquid fertilizer means a mixture of fertilizer materials, including fillers or additives, that is dissolved or suspended in a liquid;
Liquid fertilizer means a fluid in which a fertilizer is in true solution. This term does not include anhydrous ammonia or a solution used in pollution control.
Liquid fertilizer means any bulk fertilizer in liquid form before dilution for end-use application. This term shall include solutions, emulsions, suspensions, slurries, and gels. This term shall not include anhydrous ammonia.

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