Landlord’s Agents definition

Landlord’s Agents means Landlord's authorized agents, representatives, property managers (whether as agents or independent contractors), consultants, contractors, partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers and employees, including without limitation the Additional Insureds named in Item 16 of the Basic Lease Provisions.
Landlord’s Agents is defined in Section 12.5.
Landlord’s Agents means the agents, employees and assigns (and their respective agents and employees) of Landlord.

Examples of Landlord’s Agents in a sentence

  • Tenant acknowledges that neither Landlord nor Landlord’s Agents has made any legally binding representation or warranty as to any matter except those expressly set forth herein, including any warranty as to (i) whether the Premises may be used for Tenant’s intended use under existing Law, (ii) the suitability of the Premises or the Project for the conduct of Tenant’s business, or (iii) the condition of any improvements.

  • Tenant agrees to indemnify and save harmless Landlord from any claim for death, injury, damage or loss which may occur in any manner in or about the Premises, unless such death, injury, damage or loss is proximately and solely caused by negligent act or omission to act of Landlord’s Agents.

  • No act or thing done by Landlord or Landlord’s Agents during the Lease Term shall be deemed an acceptance or a surrender of the Premises, and no agreement to accept a surrender of the Premises shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by Landlord.

  • In case of emergency, Landlord’s Agents may enter upon the Property with such prior notice to Tenant as is reasonable under the circumstances.

  • Neither Landlord nor any of Landlord’s Agents shall have any personal liability in the event of any claim against Landlord arising out of or in connection with this Lease, the relationship of Landlord and Tenant or Tenant’s use of the Premises.

More Definitions of Landlord’s Agents

Landlord’s Agents. Any and all partners, officers, agents, employees, trustees, investment advisors and consultants of Landlord.
Landlord’s Agents includes any asset manager, agent, managing agent, affiliate, contractor, employee, director, partner, officer or servant of Landlord, or any corporate entity affiliated with Landlord or third party operator and owner of the Building or Property.
Landlord’s Agents means Landlord's authorized agents, contractors, partners, subsidiaries, directors, officers and employees.
Landlord’s Agents shall be deemed to include agents, servants, employees and contractors of landlord.
Landlord’s Agents. The trustee of and consultants and advisors to the Landlord and employees of the foregoing.
Landlord’s Agents means the Landlord’s employees, agents, contractors, consultants, invitees, sub tenants, licensees, concessionaires and others who at any time are in the Building with the consent of the Landlord express or implied.
Landlord’s Agents shall have such meaning as is set forth in Section 5.5.