JPY definition

JPY means the lawful currency of Japan.
JPY means Japanese Yen, the lawful currency of Japan.
JPY means Japanese yen, the lawful currency of Japan.

Examples of JPY in a sentence

  • Details of any assets held outside Japan (including Shares acquired under the Plan) as of December 31 of each year must be reported to the tax authorities on an annual basis, to the extent such assets have a total net fair market value exceeding a certain threshold (currently JPY 50,000,000).

  • For clarity, Royalties to be paid by Xxx to Xxxxxxxx will be computed in JPY and will be converted to Dollars in accordance with this Section 7.2(g).

  • PRC SCHEDULE IV Lock-Up Parties Lock-Up Parties Lock-up Period Xxxxxx Xx Xxx (6) months Xxxxxxx Xx Xxx (6) months Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxx (6) months Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Six (6) months Xxxxxxxxx Xx Xxx (6) months Xxxxxxxx Xx Xxx (6) months LWY GROUP LTD Six (6) months JPY GROUP LTD Six (6) months ZLW GROUP LTD Six (6) months HJZ GROUP LTD Three (3) months SCHEDULE V Testing the Waters Communications [●] EXHIBIT A Form of Lock-Up Agreement 40 [●], 2024 Kingswood, a division of Kingswood Capital Partners, LLC 0000 X.

  • If any currency conversion will be required in connection with Royalties or other reimbursable amounts under this Agreement, such conversion will be calculated using whichever of the following exchange rates (TTS rates) for conversion of JPY into Dollars results in the higher payment to Xxxxxxxx: (i) the exchange rate posted by MUFG Bank, Ltd.

  • For the purpose of calculating Net Sales, Xxx will convert any amount expressed in a foreign currency into JPY using its standard conversion methodology consistent with International Financial Reporting Standards.

More Definitions of JPY

JPY or “Japanese Yen” means Japanese Yen, the lawful currency of Japan;
JPY means Japanese Yen.
JPY means the legal currency of Japan;
JPY means the lawful currency from time to time of Japan;
JPY and “Yen” means the lawful currency of Japan;
JPY means Japanese Yen, the lawful currency of Japan; “Manager” or
JPY means the lawful currency for the time being of Japan;