Isolated definition

Isolated means the state of operating the Facility when electrically disconnected from the Company EPS on the Interconnecting Customer’s side of the PCC.
Isolated means not readily accessible to persons unless special means for access are used.
Isolated or “isolation” means where no gas can flow directly or indirectly from the transporter’s network;

Examples of Isolated in a sentence

  • All personnel have received isolated personnel training, if specified in the contract, in accordance with DoD Instruction 1300.23, Isolated Personnel Training for DoD Civilian and Contractors.

  • Tier II Methods are also noncompensatory and are options that may be needed for protection of rare or unique resources or where special environmental conditions exist at the site which have led to additional requirements being placed in the DWQ’s 401 Certifications and approval letters, Isolated Wetland Permits, Riparian Buffer Authorization or a DOT Reclamation Plan’s Environmental Assessment for the specific site.

  • Isolated areas of roughness, which can cause significant increase in the calculated MRI for a given sublot.

  • Isolated Grounding Conductors: Green-colored insulation with continuous yellow stripe.

  • Isolated Grounding Receptacle Circuits: Install an insulated equipment grounding conductor connected to the receptacle grounding terminal.

More Definitions of Isolated

Isolated means swine must be maintained in a manner to ensure that these swine will have no physical contact with other domestic animals on the premises. All drainage of organic waste material must be designed to prevent it from having contact with any other swine on the premises. The area where the swine are maintained may be approved by a representative of the board and shall be separated from other animals by two (2) barriers (for example, fences or walls) with the intervening area uninhabited by swine or separated by a lot or a road. No other swine may be in the same building unless approved by the state veterinarian.
Isolated means the segregation and the separation and the interdiction of communication with others of persons who are or are suspected of being infected; and "isolation" has a corresponding meaning;
Isolated means the segregation, and the separation from and interdiction of communication with others, of persons who are or are suspected of being infected;
Isolated means being on board a vessel that is:
Isolated or "isolation" means the condition in which cattle are
Isolated means disconnected from all possible connection sources of electricity supply by means which will prevent unintentional energisation of the apparatus and which is assessed as a suitable step in the process of making safe for access purposes.
Isolated means no more than two defects visible when the car is viewed from any angle, or from a seated position in any one of the passenger seats in the car.