Isolation definition

Isolation means a behavior management technique in which a student is placed alone in an enclosed space from which the student is not prevented from leaving.
Isolation means separating a sick individual with a contagious disease from healthy individuals that are not infected with such disease in a manner that aims to prevent the spreading of infection or contamination;
Isolation means any of the following:

Examples of Isolation in a sentence

  • Isolation Isolation is used to separate people infected with the virus (those who are sick with COVID-19 and those with no symptoms) from people who are not infected.

  • Isolation and In vitro Propagation of Tumorigenic Breast Cancer Cells with Stem / Progenitor Cell Properties.

  • Isolation between the four tiny UWB magnetic dipoles is enhanced by the use of rectangular gaps in the ground plane and parasitic coupling.

  • Isolation, Sequencing, and Context Perspective Because each phase of an operation is different and has unique operational requirements, OPSEC planners develop essential secrets for each phase or part of an operation.

  • The cubicle shall comprise of the following (Switchgear as given in the schedule of quantities): a) Incoming MPCB of required capacity b) Isolation MPCB/MCCB, one for each motor c) Fully automatic DOL/Star Delta starters suitable for motor DOL upto 7.5 H.P.; Star/Delta for 10 H.P. and above H.P. with push buttons one for each motor and On/Off indicating neon lamps.

More Definitions of Isolation

Isolation means the separation, for the period of communicability, of infected animals from others in such place and under such conditions to prevent the direct or indirect transmission of the infectious agent from those infected to those that are susceptible or that may spread the agent to others.
Isolation means the separation of persons or animals presumably or actually infected with a communicable disease or who are disease carriers for the usual period of communicability of that disease in such places, marked by placards if necessary, and under such conditions as will prevent the direct or indirect conveyance of the infectious agent or contagion to susceptible persons.
Isolation means the removal to a hospital or other suitable place approved by the Health Officer, of a person suffering, or suspected to be suffering, from an infectious disease, and his detention therein until, in the opinion of the Health Officer—
Isolation means the separation, during the communicable period, of infected individuals from others, to limit the transmission of infectious agents.
Isolation means the confinement of a student alone in an enclosed space without locking hardware.
Isolation means the physical separation and confinement of an individual or groups of individuals who are infected or reasonably believed to be infected with a transmissible or possibly transmissible disease from nonisolated individuals, to prevent or limit the transmission of the disease to nonisolated individuals;