Intended for human occupancy definition

Intended for human occupancy means, as applied to structures, capable of and likely to be used for residential habitation, or for commercial, industrial or governmental occupation by persons on a regular basis. Examples of structures normally not intended for human occupancy include, without limitation, garages useable solely for the parking of vehicles or storage, open air carwashes, unheated pavilions, porches or patio covers, crawl spaces, flood resistant enclosures useable solely for building access, barns and other agricultural buildings, garden storage sheds, ATMs, and mausoleums. (Floodplain)

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  • Unsuitable for Its Permitted Use means, with respect to any Facility, a state or condition of such Facility such that (a) following any damage or destruction involving a Facility, (i) such Facility cannot be operated on a commercially practicable basis for its Permitted Use and it cannot reasonably be expected to be restored to substantially the same condition as existed immediately before such damage or destruction, and as otherwise required by Section 10.2.4, within twelve (12) months following such damage or destruction or such longer period of time as to which business interruption insurance is available to cover Rent and other costs related to the applicable Property following such damage or destruction, (ii) the damage or destruction, if uninsured, exceeds $1,000,000 or (iii) the cost of such restoration exceeds ten percent (10%) of the fair market value of such Property immediately prior to such damage or destruction, or (b) as the result of a partial taking by Condemnation, such Facility cannot be operated, in the good faith judgment of Tenant, on a commercially practicable basis for its Permitted Use.

  • Lawfully admitted for permanent residence means the status of having been lawfully accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States as an immigrant in accordance with the immigration laws, such status not having changed.

  • Adjusted for inflation means increased in accordance with the formula for inflation adjustment set forth in Exhibit C to the Master Settlement Agreement.

  • Temporary Occupation Permit means a Temporary Occupation Permit issued under the Building Control Act (Cap. 29);

  • Transient occupancy means occupancy in transient lodging that has all of the following

  • Constructed wetlands means areas intentionally designed and created to emulate the water quality improvement function of wetlands for the primary purpose of removing pollutants from stormwater.

  • Modular building means, but shall not be limited to, single and multifamily houses, apartment

  • rural areas means any area within the county located outside the

  • Protected Space Operations means all Launch or Transfer Vehicle activities, ISS activities, and Payload activities on Earth, in outer space, or in transit between Earth and outer space in implementation of the IGA, MOUs concluded pursuant to the IGA, implementing arrangements, and contracts to perform work in support of NASA's obligations under these Agreements. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Certificate of Occupancy means a certificate of occupancy, governmental sign-off or other document, permit or approval (whether conditional, unconditional, temporary or permanent) which must be obtained by Landlord from the appropriate governmental authority as a condition to the lawful initial occupancy by Tenant of the Expansion Space that is the subject of the Work.

  • Unsuitable for Its Primary Intended Use means that, by reason of damage or destruction, or a partial Taking by Condemnation, the Facility cannot be operated on a commercially practicable basis for its Primary Intended Use, taking into account, all relevant factors, and the effect of such damage or destruction or partial Taking.

  • Ready for Occupancy means the date upon which (i) the Leased Premises are available for Tenant's occupancy in a broom clean condition and (ii) the improvements, if any, to be made to the Leased Premises by Landlord as a condition to Tenant's obligation to accept possession of the Leased Premises have been substantially completed and the appropriate governmental building department (i.e., the City building department, if the Property is located within a City, or otherwise the County building department) shall have approved the construction of such improvements as substantially complete or is willing to so approve the construction of the improvements as substantially complete subject only to compliance with specified conditions which are the responsibility of Tenant to satisfy or is willing to allow Tenant to occupy subject to its receiving assurances that specified work will be completed.

  • Own Occupation means your occupation that you were performing when your Disability or Partial Disability began. For the purposes of determining Disability under this plan, Liberty will consider your occupation as it is normally performed in the national economy.

  • Nonattainment area means an area so designated by the administrator, acting pursuant to Section 107 of the Act.

  • Practice of occupational therapy means the therapeutic use of occupations for habilitation and

  • Placed for adoption means the assumption and retention of a legal obligation by a person for the total or partial support of a child in anticipation of adoption of the child. If the legal obligation ceases to exist, the child is no longer considered placed for adoption. [PL 1993, c. 666, Pt. A, §1 (NEW).]

  • Home occupation means an occupation permitted in a dwelling unit and which:

  • Downtown area means the business area of a community that is centrally located within the community within the context of the Iowa main street program.

  • Regulated impervious surface means any of the following, alone or in combination:

  • Single Room Occupancy or “SRO” means housing consisting of single room dwelling units that is the primary residence of its occupant or occupants. An SRO does not include facilities for students.

  • Permanently and totally disabled means the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than twelve months as established by a certificate from a licensed physician.

  • domestic premises means any premises used wholly or partly as a dwelling or intended for such use;

  • Attainment area means a geographic area designated by EPA at 40 CFR Part 81 as having attained the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for a given criteria pollutant.

  • Covered Municipal Building means a building or facility that is owned or occupied by the Village that is 1,000 square feet or larger in size.

  • urban areas means the areas covered by all Municipal Corporations and other Municipalities including the areas falling under the various Urban Development Authorities, Cantonment Authorities and industrial estates or townships, excluding the areas covered under Class-I Cities;

  • Prior Occupancy means Owner’s use of all or parts of the Project before Substantial Completion, as more fully set forth in Section 6.08 A.