Definition of Initial Term Lenders

Initial Term Lenders means, as of any date of determination, each Lender that holds Initial Term Loans.

Examples of Initial Term Lenders in a sentence

The Administrative Agent shall credit the account of the Borrower on the books of such office of the Administrative Agent with the aggregate of the amounts made available to the Administrative Agent by the Initial Term Lenders in immediately available funds.
The Borrowing of the Initial Term Loans shall be made from the several Initial Term Lenders ratably in proportion to their respective Initial Term Commitments.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Distribution Agreement, the Initial Term Lender agrees to make, on the date of the Contribution, a single loan in Dollars to the Borrower in an amount equal to 100% of its Term B Commitment; provided that the Initial Term Lenders obligation to make a Term B Loan to the Borrower on such date shall be satisfied by its transfer of the Acquired Business to the Borrower as contemplated by the Distribution Agreement.
The Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent irrevocable notice (which notice must be received by the Administrative Agent prior to 10:00 A.M., New York City time, one Business Day prior to the anticipated Closing Date) requesting that the Initial Term Lenders make the Initial Term Loans on the Closing Date and specifying the amount to be borrowed.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Amendment No. 1, each Additional Initial Term Lender severally agrees to make to the Borrower on the Amendment No. 1 Effective Date loans denominated in Dollars in an aggregate amount not to exceed the amount of such Additional Initial Term Lenders Additional Initial Term Commitment.