GTL definition

GTL means Garelick Farms, LLC (f/k/a Suiza GTL, LLC), a Delaware limited liability company.

Examples of GTL in a sentence

  • What You Need in Order to Receive or View Electronic RecordsIn order to access and view communications and documents GTL makes available to you electronically, you must:• Have access to the internet and be able to view, save and print Portable Document Files (PDF) using software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • As part of your consent to the use of Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records you acknowledge that you: (1) understand the terms and conditions of receiving insurance documents, disclosures and other communications electronically; (2) have the necessary hardware and software that allow you to receive and view Electronic Records; (3) have a valid active email account*; and (4) are responsible for accessing, opening, and reading communication GTL sends or makes available to you in electronic format.

  • GTL will consider electronic communication to be received by you upon successful delivery to the designated email address you provide.

  • It is your responsibility to provide GTL with your complete and accurate email address, as well as provide prompt notification of any change to it.

  • Electronic Records include, but are not limited to:• Application(s) and related forms• Policy or certificate insurance fulfillment documents• Disclosures and notices, where required by state and / or federal law• Customer service forms and claim forms• Responses to customer service or claim-related communications initiated by GTL or youYour consent does not apply to policy lapse or termination notices.

More Definitions of GTL

GTL means greater than the linear range. The result is reported from a re- analysis at an appropriate dilution.
GTL means Defendant Global Tel*Link Corporation.
GTL or "GATX Corporation";
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