Grant Summary definition

Grant Summary means the summary of this award as reflected in the electronic stock plan award administration system maintained by the Company or its designee that contains a link to this Agreement (which summary information is set forth in the appropriate records of the Company authorizing such award).
Grant Summary means a document detailing:
Grant Summary means the Grant Summary contained in the box on the first page of this Agreement.

Examples of Grant Summary in a sentence

  • This Agreement (including the terms of the Plan and the Grant Summary) contains the entire understanding of the parties, provided that, if you are subject to the Mutual Arbitration Agreement, then the Mutual Arbitration Agreement is hereby incorporated into and made a part of this Agreement.

  • Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Grant Letter and in the Plan, the Committee hereby grants to the Participant a target award of the number of Performance Units specified in the Grant Summary (the “Target Award”).

  • You should print a copy of this award and your Grant Summary for your records.

  • The Units will vest, and you will receive Shares, in accordance with the schedule in your Grant Summary.

  • In addition, for purposes of vesting, the MSU grant shall be divided into four tranches, each of which shall include 25% of the number of MSUs specified in the Grant Summary.

  • THIS AGREEMENT is executed in the name and on behalf of the Company on the Date of Grant as set forth in the Grant Summary.

  • Supporting Information – Grant Summary) These grants and specially-funded projects have been reviewed programmatically by the Office of Planning and Program Improvement and fiscally by the Department of Business Services.

  • A portion of the Target Award specified in the Grant Summary will be based on attainment of the TUR Performance Goals and continued employment or service as described herein (the “TUR Target Award”).

  • For Affordable Housing Developments receiving 4% low-income housing tax credits,$30,000 per Restricted Unit may be added to the base amount for loan limit calculation purposes.AHSC Grant Summary 1.

  • The Term of this Grant Agreement is from the Effective Date to the Expiration Date set out in the Grant Summary.

More Definitions of Grant Summary

Grant Summary means the Grant Summary, pursuant to which Participant has been informed of the basic terms of the restricted stock unit evidenced hereby and which is provided on the Computershare Access Site.

Related to Grant Summary

  • Grant Notice means the notice provided to a Participant that he or she has been granted an Award under the Plan and which includes the name of the Participant, the type of Award, the date of grant of the Award, number of shares of Common Stock subject to the Award or potential cash payment right, (if any), the vesting schedule for the Award (if any) and other key terms applicable to the Award.

  • ORSA summary report means a confidential high-level summary of an insurer or insurance group's ORSA.

  • Summary Plan Description or "SPD" means the Flexible Benefits Plan SPD and all appendices incorporated into and made a part of the SPD that is adopted by the Employer and attached to this Plan Document as Attachment I, as amended from time to time. The SPD and appendices are incorporated hereto by reference.

  • Performance Grant means an Award subject, in part, to the terms, conditions and restrictions described in Section 9, pursuant to which the recipient may become entitled to receive cash, Common Shares, Other Alpha Securities or property, or other forms of payment, or any combination thereof, as determined by the Committee.

  • CPSU means Central Public Sector Undertaking

  • Statement of Grievance shall name the employee involved, shall state the facts giving rise to the grievance, shall identify by appropriate reference all the provisions of this Master Contract alleged to be violated, shall state the contention of the employee and of the Association with respect to these provisions, and shall indicate the specific relief requested.

  • Notice of Grant means a written or electronic notice evidencing certain terms and conditions of an individual Option grant. The Notice of Grant is part of the Option Agreement.

  • Summary suspension means the immediate suspension of either a facility's license or program-specific certification or both by the department pending administrative proceedings for suspension, revocation, or other actions deemed necessary by the department.

  • Summary report means the year end report containing the summary of a

  • Notification of Award means the official notice issued by the Employer notifying the Contractor that his bid has been accepted.

  • Performance Standard means the acceptable range of performance for a Performance Indicator or a Service Volume that results when a Performance Corridor is applied to a Performance Target.

  • Summary means the Summary of Basic Lease Terms executed by Landlord and Tenant that is part of this Lease.

  • Performance Report has the meaning set out in clause 8.2;

  • Annual performance report means a written appraisal of the teacher’s performance prepared by the teacher’s designated supervisor based on the evaluation rubric for his or her position.

  • Grant Application - means the grant application that the Public Entity submitted to MnDOT which is attached as Exhibit D.

  • Notice of Award means the written notice of award of the Contract given by the County to the apparent successful Bidder.

  • Evidence of Award means an agreement, certificate, resolution or other type or form of writing or other evidence approved by the Committee that sets forth the terms and conditions of the awards granted under this Plan. An Evidence of Award may be in an electronic medium, may be limited to notation on the books and records of the Company and, unless otherwise determined by the Committee, need not be signed by a representative of the Company or a Participant.

  • Grant Agreement means a written document memorializing the terms and conditions of an Award granted pursuant to the Plan and shall incorporate the terms of the Plan.

  • Month of award means the month in which a contract is signed by the Contracting Officer or the month in which a first-tier subcontract is signed by the Contractor.

  • Performance Standards means the performance targets for the distribution and connection activities of the Licensee as established by the Board in accordance with section 83 of the Act;

  • SAR Agreement means the agreement between the Company and an Optionee which contains the terms, conditions and restrictions pertaining to his or her SAR.

  • Performance Measure means one or more of the following selected by the Committee to measure Company, Affiliate, and/or business unit performance for a Performance Period, whether in absolute or relative terms (including, without limitation, terms relative to a peer group or index): basic, diluted, or adjusted earnings per share; sales or revenue; earnings before interest, taxes, and other adjustments (in total or on a per share basis); basic or adjusted net income; returns on equity, assets, capital, revenue or similar measure; economic value added; working capital; total shareholder return; and product development, product market share, research, licensing, litigation, human resources, information services, mergers, acquisitions, sales of assets of Affiliates or business units. Each such measure shall be, to the extent applicable, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as consistently applied by the Company (or such other standard applied by the Committee) and, if so determined by the Committee, and in the case of a Performance Compensation Award, to the extent permitted under Code Section 162(m), adjusted to omit the effects of extraordinary items, gain or loss on the disposal of a business segment, unusual or infrequently occurring events and transactions and cumulative effects of changes in accounting principles. Performance Measures may vary from Performance Period to Performance Period and from Participant to Participant, and may be established on a stand-alone basis, in tandem or in the alternative.

  • Summary data means statistical records and reports derived from data on individuals but in which individuals are not identified and from which neither their identities nor any other characteristic that could uniquely identify the individual is ascertainable.

  • Program Plan means the tobacco settlement program plan dated February 14, 2001, including exhibits to the program plan, submitted by the authority to the legislative council and the executive council, to provide the state with a secure and stable source of funding for the purposes designated by section 12E.3A and other provisions of this chapter.

  • Performance Review means a summative evaluation of a teacher other than a beginning teacher and used to determine whether the teacher’s practice meets school district expectations and the Iowa teaching standards, and to determine whether the teacher’s practice meets school district expectations for career advancement in accordance with Iowa Code section 284.7.

  • non-recurrent grant means a grant obtained on the condition that it be expended in a specified manner and is not expected to be received again during the period covered by a council's Strategic Resource Plan