Free bet definition

Free bet means a bet made by patrons using non-cashable vouchers, coupons, electronic credits or electronic promotions provided by Sports Betting Operations.
Free bet means a bet made by Guests using non-cashable vouchers, coupons, electronic credits or electronic promotions provided by Sports betting operation.

Examples of Free bet in a sentence

  • Free bet blackjack is a variation of the game of blackjack using six or eight decks of cards.

  • The Company reserves the right to change the rules of the Free bet promotion or even terminate it unilaterally.

  • If the total winnings from the Bets placed using a Free bet are €560, the payout amount will be €500, while the other €60 will be cancelled.

  • Their unfamiliarity with guns may generate a sense of insecurity and uncertainty when learning to handle a firearm.

  • A Free bet cannot be used in conjunction with the ACCA Bonus Offer.

  • Storage tank owners and/or operators shall also audit all inventory control required under Sections 16(a) or 36(e) for 12 months prior to the suspected release.

  • Only the company's new and verified Clients, who are Irish residents, are entitled to receive a Free bet.

  • Can you explain why the legislature would write “without charge,” what that means?”, at 1:43:16 9 The prior statutory definition of gambling, which appears to be from 1909, uses the phrase “money or property or any representative of either.” Free bet tokens arguably did not meet that prior definition but they clearly meet the current one.

  • Free bet vouchers, on the other hand, are subject to terms and conditions which may limit the games in which they may be played (for example, blackjack or punto banco), the bets for which they may be placed (for example, even money bets) or the time at which they may be used (for example, between particular dates).

  • Should a Bet, placed using a Free bet, be declared void, provided it has not expired, it will be returned to the Client's account and can be used later within the qualifying period.

Related to Free bet

  • EMF means the Environment Management Framework, dated July 23, 2010, and approved by the Bank describing the environmental issues, mitigation, monitoring and institutional measures for the Project.

  • Permitted Free Writing Prospectus shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 4(g).

  • Multi-family dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate dwelling unit, which is used, or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, in whole, or in part as the home or residence of one or more persons.

  • Free Time means the period specified in the terminal schedule during which cargo may occupy space assigned to it on terminal property, including off-dock facilities, free of wharf demurrage or terminal storage charges immediately prior to the loading or subsequent to the discharge of such cargo on or off the vessel.

  • Sewage sludge fee weight means the weight of sewage sludge, in dry U.S. tons, excluding admixtures such as liming materials or bulking agents. Annual sewage sludge fees, as per section 3745.11(Y) of the Ohio Revised Code, are based on the reported sludge fee weight for the most recent calendar year.

  • Public Xxxxxx shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 10.01(d).

  • Issuer General Use Free Writing Prospectus means any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus that is intended for general distribution to prospective investors (other than a “bona fide electronic road show,” as defined in Rule 433 (the “Bona Fide Electronic Road Show”)), as evidenced by its being specified in Schedule 2-B hereto.

  • Between merchants means in any transaction with respect to which both parties are chargeable with the knowledge or skill of merchants.

  • General-use hand or body cleaner or soap means a cleaner or soap designed to be used routinely on the skin to clean or remove typical or common dirt and soils. “General-use Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap” includes, but is not limited to, hand or body washes, dual-purpose shampoo-body cleaners, shower or bath gels, and moisturizing cleaners or soaps. “General-use Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap” does not include prescription drug products, “Antimicrobial Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap,” “Astringent/Toner,” “Facial Cleaner or Soap,” “Hand Dishwashing Detergent” (including antimicrobial), “Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner or Soap,” “Medicated Astringent/Medicated Toner,” or “Rubbing Alcohol.”

  • Weapon-free school zone means school property and a vehicle used by a school to transport students to or from school property.

  • Issuer General Free Writing Prospectus means any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus that is intended for general distribution to prospective investors, as evidenced by its being specified in Schedule II hereto.

  • Spot film means a radiograph which is made during a fluoroscopic examination to permanently record conditions which exist during that fluoroscopic procedure.

  • Certified Domestic Violence Specialist means a person who has fulfilled the requirements of certification as a Domestic Violence Specialist established by the New Jersey Association of Domestic Violence Professionals.

  • Criminal street gang-related offense means any felony or

  • Permitted Free Writing Prospectuses, as used herein, means the documents listed on Schedule B attached hereto and each “road show” (as defined in Rule 433 under the Act), if any, related to the offering of the Shares contemplated hereby that is a “written communication” (as defined in Rule 405 under the Act). The Underwriters have not offered or sold and will not offer or sell, without the Company’s consent, any Shares by means of any “free writing prospectus” (as defined in Rule 405 under the Act) that is required to be filed by the Underwriters with the Commission pursuant to Rule 433 under the Act, other than a Permitted Free Writing Prospectus.

  • General Use Free Writing Prospectus means any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus that is identified on Schedule B to this Agreement.

  • Women-owned business concern means a concern which is at least 51 percent owned by one or more women; or in the case of any publicly owned business, at least 51 percent of its stock is owned by one or more women; and whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more women.

  • Qualified Census Tract means any Census tract which is designated by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development as having 50 percent or more of the households at an income level which is less than 60 percent of the Area Gross Median Income in accordance with Section 42(d)(5) of the Code.

  • Issuer-Represented General Free Writing Prospectus means any Issuer-Represented Free Writing Prospectus that is intended for general distribution to prospective investors.

  • Cost of idle facilities or idle capacity means costs such as maintenance, repair, housing, rent, and other related costs, e.g., insurance, interest, property taxes and depreciation or use allowances.

  • Qualified low-income community investment or “QLICI” shall have the same meaning as set forth in IRC § 45D(d) and 26 C.F.R. Part 1.45D-1(d).

  • Stillbirth means an unintended fetal death occurring after a gestation period of 20 completed weeks or more or an unintended fetal death of a fetus with a weight of 350 or more grams.

  • Official written order means an order written on a form provided for that purpose by the United

  • IRDAI means the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

  • Natural uranium means uranium with the naturally occurring distribution of uranium isotopes, which is approximately 0.711 weight percent uranium-235, and the remainder by weight essentially uranium-238.

  • Charcoal lighter material means any combustible material designed to be applied on, incorporated in, added to, or used with charcoal to enhance ignition. “Charcoal Lighter Material” does not include any of the following: (A) electrical starters and probes, (B) metallic cylinders using paper tinder, (C) natural gas, (D) propane, and (E) fat wood.