Finance Limited definition

Finance Limited means Barclays Global Investors Finance Limited, a private company limited by shares incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales.

Examples of Finance Limited in a sentence

  • Terms and conditions of this agreement are tied to the loan offer accepted by the borrower with Aditya Birla Finance Limited (ABFL) applied through either through its mobile-based app if any, Website or through its Partners.

  • All loans and facilities are subject to a final approval and at sole discretion of Aditya Birla Finance Limited.

  • All legal costs and other expenses incurred shall be paid by the Purchaser.The Purchaser is advised to enquire with Padraic Finance Limited, the service agency of the Referred First Mortgagee on details of the terms and conditions of the mortgages, approval conditions and application procedures of the First Mortgage before choosing this arrangement.

  • Application will be made in the prescribed form duly completed and accompanied by cheques/demand drafts/RTGS/NEFT drawn in favour of PNB Housing Finance Limited and crossed "Account Payee Only".

  • Agents are not authorized to accept cash or issue receipt on behalf of LIC Housing Finance Limited.

  • LIC Housing Finance Limited wilt pay interest from the date of credit of the Cheque/Transfer in their bank account.

  • The Purchaser is advised to enquire with the first mortgagee bank/financial institution and Padraic Finance Limited, the service agency of the Referred Second Mortgagee on details of the terms and conditions of the mortgages, approval conditions and application procedures of the first mortgage and the Second Mortgage before choosing this arrangement.

  • This is only an illustrative list and not an exhaustive risk.SponsorThe Sponsor of Sundaram Mutual Fund is Sundaram Finance Limited.

  • It was incorporated on April 13, 1996 as Cholamandalam Cazenove Trustee Company Limited and was subsequently acquired by L&T Finance Limited in 2009 from DBS Cholamandalam Trustees Limited.

  • It was incorporated on April 26, 1996 as Cholamandalam Cazenove AMC Limited, which was acquired by L&T Finance Limited in 2009 from Cholamandalam DBS Finance Limited.

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