Farmee definition

Farmee means Silver Star Energy Inc.;
Farmee means Vega;
Farmee means Park Place Energy Inc.;

Examples of Farmee in a sentence

  • Farmee has the technical capability, personnel and resources to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Farmee agrees to execute and deliver such documents as may be requested or required by Farmor or purchaser of production to entitle Farmor to receive such payment from the purchaser of hydrocarbons.

  • The Farmor and Farmee agree that all information shared between the parties concerning the Farmin Lands and the development thereof shall be held in confidence and shall not used for any purposes other than completing this transaction and matters directly related thereto.

  • In the event that Assignor enters into any Farmout Agreement with a Third Person (a “Farmee”), (i) the Royalty Interest and this Conveyance shall only burden Assignor’s retained interest in the Subject Interests after giving effect to any interest in the Subject Interests that the Farmee may earn under such Farmout Agreement, and (ii) only Assignor’s retained interest in the Subject Interest will count towards SandRidge’s obligation to drill Development Wells under the Development Agreement.

  • The following terms and conditions constitute preconditions which must be met by Farmee prior to giving rise to any obligations on the part of Farmor under the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Farmee

Farmee means PrimeWest;
Farmee means Damascus as to a 50% interest and Park Place as to a 50% interest;
Farmee means individually or collectively as the context requires: *** Texola, ***;
Farmee in this Agreement shall also refer to Momentus Companies to the extent Momentus Companies becomes a party to or performs any obligation pursuant to this Agreement as an affiliate of or parent of Momentus. Momentus Companies shall guarantee the performance of Momentus, and any payment or obligation incurred by Momentus pursuant to this Agreement. Farmors need not exhaust remedies against Momentus, but may proceed directly against Momentus Companies to secure any payment or obligation incurred by Momentus or Momentus Companies pursuant to this Agreement.
Farmee means Paradigm Oil And Gas, Inc. (“Paradigm”)
Farmee means Lightning.
Farmee means Strongbow Resources Inc.;