Customer premise definition

Customer premise means the service address where the customer receives the residential electric, gas, or natural gas utility service.
Customer premise means a location within the responsibility of the Customer where the equipment for providing the Service is installed;

Examples of Customer premise in a sentence

  • The internet access speeds quoted are the maximum rates by which downstream internet access data may be transferred between TRICOLINK facilities and the network interface device at Customer premise.

Related to Customer premise

  • Customer Premises means premises owned, controlled or occupied by the Customer which are made available for use by the Supplier or its Sub-Contractors for the provision of the Goods and/or Services (or any of them);

  • Customer Premises Equipment or "CPE" means equipment employed on the premises of a Person other than a Carrier to originate, route or terminate Telecommunications (e.g., a telephone, PBX, modem pool, etc.).

  • Subleased Premises means approximately -18;961 rentable square feet on the 141h floor of the Building, as more specifically depicted on Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Subleased Premises include all of the Leased Premises identified in the Prime Lease.

  • Parking space leasing data means the following government data on an application for, or lease of, a parking space: residence address, home telephone number, beginning and ending work hours, place of employment, location of parking space, and work telephone number.

  • Leased Premises means the Leased Premises as defined in Paragraph 1.

  • business premises means premises on which a business is conducted, premises rented in whole or in part to others, or held for rental.

  • Subtenant means any Person entitled to occupy, use, or possess any Premises under a Sublease.

  • Work space means that portion of the court’s facilities dedicated to each court reporter, including but not limited to actual space in the courtroom and any designated office space.