Constituting instrument definition

Constituting instrument means Ontario Regulation 672/00 made under the Development Corporations Act that established the Agency;
Constituting instrument means the constituting instrument in respect of the Winvest ETP (Series 473) Notes due 2042 entered into on 14 March 2022 between the Issuer, the Trustee, the Calculation Agent, the Charged Assets Realisation Agent, the Issue Agent, the Principal Paying Agent, the Back Office Agent, the Broker Dealer of Record and the Programme Coordinator;
Constituting instrument means the Act that established the Agency;

Examples of Constituting instrument in a sentence

  • Words set out in italics in these Special Conditions do not form part of the definitions for the purpose of the Constituting Instrument and the documents constituted thereby.

  • The Calculation Agent has agreed in the Constituting Instrument to comply with its obligations set out in these Conditions.

  • Notice given by the Issuer to redeem Note(s) pursuant to this Special Condition may not be withdrawn (save with the prior written consent of the Trustee) and the Issuer shall be bound to redeem the Note(s) in accordance with the notice, this Special Condition and the Constituting Instrument.

  • Any Substitute Assets purchased pursuant to the foregoing provisions of this Condition 4.6(b) shall be subject to the charge and/or other security created by the relevant Trust Deed and/or any Additional Charging Instrument and subject to such other conditions as may be specified in the relevant Constituting Instrument and/or any Additional Charging Instrument.

  • However, the following description is a summary only of certain aspects of the security arrangements and is subject in all respects to the terms of the Trust Deed, the Constituting Instrument, the Charging Instrument, the Programme Accounts Security Agreement and the Conditions of the Notes, of which Noteholders are deemed to have notice and by which they are bound.

More Definitions of Constituting instrument

Constituting instrument. ’ means the constituting instrument in respect of the Notes dated on or about the Closing Date between the Issuer, the CDS Counterparty, the Trustee and the certain of the Agents.
Constituting instrument means the constituting instrument dated 30 December 2016 between the Parties relating to the Notes;
Constituting instrument means the Ontario French-language Educational Communications Authority Act, 2008, S.O. 2008, c. 10 that established the Agency;
Constituting instrument means the PSA that established the Commission;
Constituting instrument means the Provincial Schools Authority Act R.S.O.1990, c. P.35.
Constituting instrument means, in respect of a Series of Notes, the constituting instrument that constitutes such Series of Notes.
Constituting instrument means the Constituting Instrument dated as of the date hereof by and among the parties thereto in respect of the Notes.