Definition of CNV Rules

CNV Rules means the rules issued by the Comision Nacional de Valores, as restated in 2001, approved by General Resolution 368/01, as updated and/or amended from time to time by the CNV until the date of this Prospectus.

Examples of CNV Rules in a sentence

Note 4: Pursuant to the provisions of article 22 of Chapter II, Title II of CNV Rules, at the time of registration and at the time of attending the Meeting, all the details of the shareholders and their representatives should be submitted.
Note 5: Those registered to participate in the Shareholders' Meeting as custodians or administrators of any third party shareholdings are reminded of the need to fulfill the requirements of section 9, Chapter II, Title II of the CNV Rules, to be able to cast a vote in a divergent manner.
Legal entities and other legal structures must provide the information and deliver the documentation as required by the CNV Rules in sections 24, 25 and 26 of Chapter II, Title II.
In accordance with the CNV Rules, Pampa Energia obtained various financing commitments to meet its obligations under the Mandatory Tender Offer) (the "Guarantee").
The Board consists of ten regular directors and an equal or smaller number of alternate directors as determined by the Shareholders' Meeting, a percentage of which will be independent according to the independence standards set out in the CNV Rules.