Closing Notes definition

Closing Notes means promissory notes issued by Buyer on the date of this Agreement to the order of Harry Spell and Pyramid Partners c/o Perkins Capital Management in the aggregate principal amount of Two Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($225,000).
Closing Notes means the notes of Summit LP, in an aggregate principal amount of $15 million, in the form of Exhibit B.
Closing Notes means the promissory notes to be purchased by the Purchasers from the Company on the Closing Date in the original aggregate principal amount equal to the Original Issuance Amount, each of which shall be substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A and each as amended, modified, replaced, substituted or renewed from time to time in accordance with its terms and the terms hereof.

Examples of Closing Notes in a sentence

  • The aggregate Purchase Price of the Second Closing Notes for all Subscribers shall be equal to the Second Closing Purchase Price.

  • A legal opinion nearly identical to the legal opinion referred to in Section 6 of this Agreement shall be delivered to each Subscriber at the Second Closing in relation to the Company, Second Closing Notes, and Second Closing Warrants ("Second Closing Legal Opinion").

  • On the Second Closing Date, the Company will deliver the Second Closing Notes and Second Closing Warrants to the Escrow Agent and each Subscriber will deliver his portion of the respective Purchase Price to the Escrow Agent.

  • Subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, on the Initial Closing Date, each Subscriber shall purchase and the Company shall sell to each Subscriber a Note in the principal amount designated on the signature page hereto ("Initial Closing Notes").

  • The Second Closing Notes shall be of the same tenor as the Notes issuable on the Initial Closing Date and have the same maturity date as the Initial Closing Notes.

More Definitions of Closing Notes

Closing Notes shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Closing Notes shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2.4.1(b) hereof.
Closing Notes is defined in Section 2.4(c)."
Closing Notes have the meanings set forth in Section 1.3(a)(ii).
Closing Notes shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2.4.1(b) hereof. EXTECH CORPORATION 47
Closing Notes is defined in Section 2.2(b).