Class Association definition

Class Association means a group of people organised for the purpose of supporting a particular category of yachting or sailing. Claim
Class Association means a body which governs, manages and provides oversight to a class.
Class Association means a Sailing Association dedicated to specific types or classes of boats;

Examples of Class Association in a sentence

  • Each competitor shall be a member of an IKA full member (National Class Association) of either his/her nationality or his/her country of permanent residence.

  • Only current, fully paid members of the International Laser Class Association and of a World Sailing member national authority may enter the regatta.

  • Classes which offer a high standard of international competitive sailing and satisfy the respective criteria set out below may be designated as a World Sailing Class Association.

  • To be designated as a World Sailing Class Association, a class shall be recommended for designation by the Equipment Committee, and for Offshore Racing Classes also by the Oceanic and Offshore Committee to the Council and must receive a majority vote of Council.

  • The Board may suspend the membership of a Member National Authority, a Continental Affiliate Member, or a World Sailing Class Association if the Chief Executive Officer certifies in writing that having been warned to make a payment at least 30 days previously and remains in arrears on all or any part of a subscription, fees, dues or other payments due to the Federation or any of its subsidiary companies or any of their predecessors.

  • A submission from a World Sailing Class Association shall be signed by the president, chairman or secretary of the Class Association.

  • The International Class Association has adopted the RS Class Measurement as provided by the Licensed Builder.

  • All monies received and expended by the National Class Association and the reasons for such receipts and expenditure.

  • All monies, assets and liabilities of the National Class Association.

  • World Sailing may approve other events as World Championships upon written application made by a National Authority, Class Association or an organizing authority (as defined in RRS).

More Definitions of Class Association

Class Association means a body which administers a class of boat or a sailing vessel sailing under WORLD SAILING rules;
Class Association means a group of people organised for the purpose of supporting a particular category of yachting or sailing.
Class Association means a Yacht or Sailing Class Association which is a Member, or is otherwise affiliated with the Association.
Class Association means a body which administers either a class of boat or a sailing vessel sailing under ISAF rules;

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