chicken definition

chicken means the regulated product;
chicken means a conventionally reared meat chicken;
chicken means an animal of the species Gallus gallus kept for meat production;

Examples of chicken in a sentence

  • LHI Production Ranking and Market ShareSource: Prospectus As of end-October 2018, LHI operates in five key markets; Source: Prospectus, Company Data Chicken Production Process LHI purchases approximately 11,000 GPS DOCs per month from two parties in Europe (Aviagen and Cobb).

  • Additionally, Chicken segment results for the three and nine months ended July 3, 2021 included charges of $306 million and $626 million, respectively, related to the recognition of legal contingency accruals, of which $225 million and $545 million, respectively, was recorded as a reduction to Sales pursuant to FASB guidance related to accounting for revenue from contracts with customers and $81 million was recorded as an increase to Cost of Sales in the three and nine months ended July 3, 2021.

  • Tdap – (Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis) *New1 MCV4 – (Meningitis Vaccine) *New2 Varicella – (Chicken Pox Vaccine) *Must have 2nd vaccine if only 1 noted on record.3 HBV’s (Hepatitis B Vaccine) *Should already have from Kindergarten2 MMR’s – (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) *Should already have from Kindergarten MedicationsAs a general principle, medications are not given at school.

  • Chicken pox: Each infected student shall remain in isolation for six days after the first crop of vesicles appears or until the lesions are crusted, whichever comes first.

  • VP-TECH sophomore Brooke Newtown, of Central Valley, was the keynote speaker; BOCES announces two candidates as finalists for the Herkimer BOCES District Superintendent position – James Picolla and Sandra Sherwood; SkillsUSA will host its annual Cruise-In Bike Night & Chicken BBQ on June 15.

More Definitions of chicken

chicken means the species Gallus domesticus.))
chicken means a member of the subspecies Gallus gallus domesticus, a domesticated fowl.
chicken. (“iâr”) means a conventionally reared meat chicken;
chicken means a chicken or any class or part thereof produced from the egg of a domestic hen;
chicken means the carcass of any poultry which is under 12 weeks of age which has been especially raised for sale for meat;
chicken means a fowl of the species Gallus gallus that is not more than 16 weeks old;
chicken means a domesticated bird (of the species Gallus domesticus or various similar or related birds) that serves as a source of eggs and/or meat.