Capital LLC definition

Capital LLC has the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereto.
Capital LLC means Outfront Media Capital LLC (formerly known as CBS Outdoor Americas Capital LLC), a Delaware limited liability company.

Examples of Capital LLC in a sentence

  • Lincoln Park Capital, LLC is not a licensed broker dealer or an affiliate of a licensed broker dealer.

  • We hereby consent to the use in the Registration Statement of the references to Alaia Capital, LLC as evaluator.

  • You will not be required to pay any tax, which may be payable in respect of any transfer involved and the issuance and delivery of any certificate in a name other than TriplePoint Capital LLC.

  • Praedium Group Fortress Investment Group, LLC Lonestar Opportunity Funds Clarion Partners Walton Street Capital, LLC Starwood Financial Trust BlackRock, Inc.

  • Cambria Title: Vice President and Secretary L-3 Communications Flight Capital LLC, a Delaware limited liability company L-3 Communications Flight International Aviation LLC, a Delaware limited liability company L-3 Communications Vector International Aviation LLC, a Delaware limited liability company By: L-3 COMMUNICATIONS VERTEX AEROSPACE LLC, as Sole Member By: L-3 COMMUNICATIONS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS L.P., as Sole Member By: L-3 COMMUNICATIONS AIS GP CORPORATION, as General Partner By: Name: Christopher C.

  • Swank Managing Member SWANK ENERGY INCOME ADVISORS, LP By: Swank Capital, LLC, its general partner /s/ Jerry V.

  • Isaly Title: Managing Member OrbiMed Capital LLC By: /s/ Samuel D.

  • He currently serves as Managing Partner of Sinclair Capital LLC, a consulting firm to the investment management industry, he is a former Executive Director of the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that funds research on corporate responsibility and investing, and he is a trustee of the Van Eck family of mutual funds and investment trusts.

  • Box 5: The North-South Local Government Cooperation Programme co-ordinated by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities builds capacity and strengthens the role of local governments worldwide.The North-South Local Government Cooperation Programme supports equal cooperation between local governments in Finland and in the south.

  • The Company has agreed to pay Sageworks Capital LLC, a service fee equal to 1% on all funds raised in the Offering.

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Capital LLC has the meaning specified in the preamble hereto.

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  • Management Group means the group consisting of the directors, executive officers and other management personnel of the Borrower, Holdings or any Parent Entity, as the case may be, on the Closing Date together with (a) any new directors whose election by such boards of directors or whose nomination for election by the shareholders of the Borrower, Holdings or any Parent Entity, as the case may be, was approved by a vote of a majority of the directors of the Borrower, Holdings or any Parent Entity, as the case may be, then still in office who were either directors on the Closing Date or whose election or nomination was previously so approved and (b) executive officers and other management personnel of the Borrower, Holdings or any Parent Entity, as the case may be, hired at a time when the directors on the Closing Date together with the directors so approved constituted a majority of the directors of the Borrower or Holdings, as the case may be.

  • mixed financial holding company means a parent undertaking, other than a regulated entity, which together with its subsidiaries, at least one of which is a regulated entity which has its head office in the European Union, and other entities, constitutes a financial conglomerate;

  • Capital Lease Obligation means, at the time any determination thereof is to be made, the amount of the liability in respect of a capital lease that would at such time be required to be capitalized on a balance sheet in accordance with GAAP.

  • Capital Lease Obligations of any Person means the obligations of such Person to pay rent or other amounts under any lease of (or other arrangement conveying the right to use) real or personal property, or a combination thereof, which obligations are required to be classified and accounted for as capital leases on a balance sheet of such Person under GAAP, and the amount of such obligations shall be the capitalized amount thereof determined in accordance with GAAP.

  • Joint Venture Investment means, with respect to any Obligor, any Investment by such Obligor in a joint venture or other investment vehicle in the form of a capital investment, loan or other commitment in or to such joint venture or other investment vehicle pursuant to which such Obligor may be required to provide contributions, investments, or financing to such joint venture or other investment vehicle and which Investment the Borrower has designated as a “Joint Venture Investment”.

  • capital goods means goods, the value of which is capitalised in the books of account of the person claiming the input tax credit and which are used or intended to be used in the course or furtherance of business;

  • Capital Market Indebtedness means any obligation for the payment of borrowed money which is, in the form of, or represented or evidenced by bonds, or other instruments which are, or are capable of being, listed, quoted, dealt in or traded on any stock exchange or in any organised market and any guarantee or other indemnity in respect of such obligation; and

  • Capital investment means an expenditure to acquire, lease, or improve property that is used in operating a business, including land, buildings, machinery, and fixtures.

  • Oaktree means Oaktree Capital Management, LLC and its Affiliates, including any partnerships, separate accounts or other entities managed by Oaktree.

  • Unit Capital means the aggregate of the face value of units issued under the scheme and outstanding for the time being.

  • Venture capital fund means a private fund that meets the definition of a venture capital fund in SEC Rule 203(l)-1, 17 C.F.R. § 275.203(l)-1.

  • Asset management means a systematic process of operating and maintaining the state system of

  • Consolidated Senior Funded Debt means, as of any date of determination, the outstanding principal amount as of such date of all Indebtedness of the Company and the Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis that is (a) secured by a Lien on any property or asset of the Company or any Subsidiary and (b) does not constitute Subordinated Indebtedness (to the extent such Subordinated Indebtedness is evidenced by a written instrument in form and substance, including subordination provisions, approved in writing by the Administrative Agent).

  • Capital Lease means, as applied to any Person, any lease of any property (whether real, personal or mixed) by that Person as lessee that, in conformity with GAAP, is or should be accounted for as a capital lease on the balance sheet of that Person.

  • Junior Capital means, collectively, any Indebtedness of the Company that (i) is not secured by any asset of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary, (ii) is expressly subordinated to the prior payment in full of the Notes on terms consistent with those for senior subordinated high yield debt securities issued by U.S. companies (as determined in good faith by the Company, which determination shall be conclusive), (iii) has a final maturity date that is not earlier than, and provides for no scheduled payments of principal prior to, the date that is 91 days after the maturity of the Notes (other than through conversion or exchange of any such Indebtedness for Capital Stock (other than Disqualified Stock) of the Company or any other Junior Capital), (iv) has no mandatory redemption or prepayment obligations other than (x) obligations that are subject to the prior payment in full in cash of the Notes or (y) pursuant to an escrow or similar arrangement with respect to the proceeds of such Junior Capital and (v) does not require the payment of cash interest until the date that is 91 days after the maturity of the Notes.

  • Direct holdings means all publicly traded securities of a company that are held directly by the state treasurer or a retirement system in an actively managed account or fund in which the retirement system owns all shares or interests.

  • Capital Interests means any and all shares, interests, participations, rights or other equivalents (however designated) of capital stock, including, without limitation, with respect to partnerships, partnership interests (whether general or limited) and any other interest or participation that confers on a person the right to receive a share of the profits and losses of, or distributions of assets of, such partnership.

  • Sole Member means the Person listed on Schedule A hereto, as amended from time-to-time, who owns the sole Membership Interest in the Company upon such terms and conditions as provided in this Agreement and under the Act.

  • Project Finance Indebtedness means any present or future indebtedness incurred to finance the ownership, acquisition, development and/or operation of an asset, whether or not an asset of a member of the Group:

  • Holdings as defined in the preamble hereto.

  • Lease Obligations of a Person means for any period the rental commitments of such Person for such period under leases for real and/or personal property (net of rent from subleases thereof, but including taxes, insurance, maintenance and similar expenses which such Person, as the lessee, is obligated to pay under the terms of said leases, except to the extent that such taxes, insurance, maintenance and similar expenses are payable by sublessees), including rental commitments under Capital Leases.

  • Capital Commitment as to each Member, the total amount set forth in such Member’s Subscription Agreement delivered herewith and on the Member List, which is contributed and agreed to be contributed to the Company by such Member as a Capital Contribution.

  • Capital Markets Indebtedness means any Indebtedness consisting of bonds, debentures, notes or other similar debt securities issued in (a) a public offering registered under the Securities Act, (b) a private placement to institutional investors that is resold in accordance with Rule 144A or Regulation S of the Securities Act, whether or not it includes registration rights entitling the holders of such debt securities to registration thereof with the SEC or (c) a placement to institutional investors. The term “Capital Markets Indebtedness” shall not include any Indebtedness under commercial bank facilities or similar Indebtedness, Capitalized Lease Obligation or recourse transfer of any financial asset or any other type of Indebtedness incurred in a manner not customarily viewed as a “securities offering.”

  • Venture means any group of two or more individuals associated in fact, whether or not a legal entity.

  • Capital Leases means, in respect of any Person, all leases which shall have been, or should have been, in accordance with GAAP, recorded as capital leases on the balance sheet of the Person liable (whether contingent or otherwise) for the payment of rent thereunder.

  • Holdco means Station Holdco LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.