Canadian Loan definition

Canadian Loan means either a Canadian Term Loan, a Canadian Revolving Loan or a Canadian Line of Credit Loan, as the case may be.
Canadian Loan means the loans made to Canadian Subsidiaries under the Canadian Loan Agreement and any refinancing or replacement thereof (including successive refinancings or replacements).

Examples of Canadian Loan in a sentence

  • If the US Borrower fails to specify a Type of Canadian Loan in a Canadian Loan Notice or if the US Borrower fails to give a timely notice requesting a conversion or continuation, then the applicable Canadian Loans shall be made as, or converted to, Canadian Prime Rate Loans.

  • If the US Borrower requests a Borrowing of, conversion to, or continuation of Term XXXXX Rate Loans in any such Canadian Loan Notice, but fails to specify an Interest Period, it will be deemed to have specified an Interest Period of one month.

  • Interest shall accrue on each Canadian Loan for the day on which the Canadian Loan is made, and shall not accrue on a Canadian Loan, or any portion thereof, for the day on which the Loan or such portion is paid, provided that any Canadian Loan that is repaid on the same day on which it is made shall, subject to Section 2.13(b), bear interest for one day.

  • Each telephonic notice by the US Borrower pursuant to this Section 2.03(b) must be confirmed promptly by delivery to the Canadian Lender of a written Canadian Loan Notice, appropriately completed and signed by a Responsible Officer of the US Borrower.

More Definitions of Canadian Loan

Canadian Loan means any Canadian Revolving Loan or Canadian Swing Loan.
Canadian Loan means a Loan made to a Canadian Borrower denominated in Canadian Dollars.
Canadian Loan has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(a).
Canadian Loan means each Loan denominated in Canadian Dollars, which shall include each Canadian Term Loan and each Canadian Revolving Loan.
Canadian Loan means a Loan made pursuant to Section 2.1(b) hereof.
Canadian Loan means a Loan made pursuant to Section 2.01(b) and shall be deemed to include the acceptance and purchase of related Bankers’ Acceptances. Canadian Loans may be denominated in Canadian Dollars (as Canadian Prime Rate Loans or Bankers’ Acceptances) or in Dollars (as Canadian Base Rate Loans or Euro-Dollar Loans).