Definition of Building Shell Improvements

Building Shell Improvements means the Building improvements constructed or to be constructed by Landlord, at Landlord's sole cost and expense and without applying any of the Tenant Improvements Allowance. The Building Shell Improvements are more particularly described in Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. (l)
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Examples of Building Shell Improvements in a sentence

After the Lease Date Landlord shall, at its sole cost and expense, construct or cause the construction of certain Office Area improvements (the Landlord Office Area Improvements), and certain Production Area improvements (the Landlord Production Area Improvements, and, collectively with the Building Shell Improvements and the Landlord Office Area Improvements, the Landlord Improvements), all as more particularly described in Exhibit B.
Landlord shall be responsible, at its sole cost and expense, for any modifications to the Building Shell Improvements that may be required to address or correct any inaccuracy (if any) in the representation of Landlord in the immediately preceding sentence, and any such expenses incurred by Landlord to address or correct any such inaccuracy in the foregoing representation of Landlord shall not be passed through to Tenant in any manner, including as Operating Costs under this Lease.
Landlord represents that it has caused or shall cause the Building Shell Improvements to be completed in compliance with all applicable construction codes, laws, regulations and orders in effect as of the date on which the plans and specifications for such improvements were prepared (including the ADA, as in existence on such date).
Prior to the Lease Date Landlord has, at its sole cost and expense, constructed or caused the construction of the building shell and associated site improvements (the Building Shell Improvements).
Landlord shall not be obligated to restore the Building Shell Improvements or the Premises if the cost of the restoration work required under this Lease and all other leases of space in the Building exceeds the insurance proceeds actually received by Landlord as a result of the casualty.