Bowls NZ definition

Bowls NZ means Bowls New Zealand Incorporated.
Bowls NZ means Bowls New Zealand Incorporated. “Bowls NZ Board” means the Board of Bowls NZ.

Examples of Bowls NZ in a sentence

  • Applications will be considered for the following reasons; sickness, bereavement, work commitments, Jury service, Bowls NZ commitments.

  • Such application must be accompanied by a copy of the Club’s constitution and an application for membership of Bowls NZ, which must be in the approved form and made in accordance with the Bowls NZ Constitution.

  • All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport and Regulations made under the Bowls NZ Constitution, and the Centre and its members shall, as a condition of the continuance of membership of Bowls NZ, at all times and in all respects conform to and be bound by the Constitution of Bowls NZ.

  • As soon as possible after the conclusion of each meeting the Centre Manager shall forward a copy of the minutes to all Centre Board Members, all Clubs and Bowls NZ.

  • If the Member is subsequently reinstated to membership of their Club and Bowls NZ, then they shall be reinstated by the Centre Board upon the Centre receiving notice from the relevant Club or Bowls NZ of such reinstatement.

  • Upon approval of an application by an organisation to be a Member of the Centre as a Club, the Centre Manager shall notify Bowls NZ of the new Club so it can be recorded in the Bowls NZ Register of Members.

  • All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport, the Regulations made under the Bowls NZ Constitution as approved, and the Club and its Members shall, as a condition of the continuance of membership to Bowls NZ, at all times and in all respects conform to and be bound by the Constitution of Bowls NZ.

  • In either case, Bowls NZ shall then amend the Register of Members and notify all Clubs and Centres accordingly.

  • If a Member is reinstated under this Rule, the Centre shall notify all Clubs and Bowls NZ of such reinstatement within 7 Days of the decision being made to reinstate the Member, to enable Bowls NZ to amend the Register of Members accordingly.

  • If requested to do so, and provided that all relevant conditions are satisfied, the Secretary shall give the former Member a Clearance Certification in the Bowls NZ approved form.

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