Bloomberg Ticker definition

Bloomberg Ticker means the abbreviation assigned by Bloomberg to a given Security for trading purposes, which may or may not be an exchange symbol.
Bloomberg Ticker with respect to an Underlying means the Bloomberg ticker in relation to such Underlying as specified in the table in the definition of "Underlying".
Bloomberg Ticker means FRSINQEE Index;

Examples of Bloomberg Ticker in a sentence

  • The first column reports the futures Bloomberg Ticker wherein the number corresponds to the maturityin months.

  • WKN (Wertpapier Kenn–Nummer, the alphanumeric German identification number) 5 – Bloomberg Ticker (Bloomberg letters code that identify a company's securities) 6 – BBGID (The Bloomberg Global ID) 7 – Reuters RIC (Reuters instrument code) 8 – FIGI (Financial Instrument Global Identifier) 9 – Other code by members of the Association of National Numbering Agencies 99 – Code attributed by the undertaking in case that none of the above options are available.

  • The level of the S&P Index appears, inter alia, on Bloomberg Ticker SPX Index.

  • To see the equivalent index which contains revised data as published by Eurostat, please use Bloomberg Ticker: CPXTEMU index.

  • Note: The total return of 1 month LIBOR can be obtained using the Bloomberg Ticker LUS1.

  • Name of the Inflation Index Eurostat Eurozone HICP Ex-Tobacco (Bloomberg Ticker: CPTFEMU Index) Category Consumer Price Index Description of the Inflation Index This sector holds the unrevised numbers initially released by Eurostat.

  • Current and historical rates in respect of both the 30 Year CAD CMS Rate and the 10 Year CAD CMS Rate are posted to a number of public web sites: Bloomberg Ticker RBCL; Reuters RIC CADCMS=RBCT; and

  • Current and historical rates are posted to a number of public web sites: Bloomberg Ticker RBCL; Reuters RIC CADCMS=RBCT; and

  • Source Eurostat Country Eurozone Performance Past and further performance of the Inflation Index and volatility can be obtained from Bloomberg Ticker: CPTFEMU IndexDESCRIPTION OF THE INDEX AND THE INDEX SPONSOR The information in the following sections concerning the Index has been accurately reproduced from information published by the Index Sponsor.

  • It must be 12 characters long, for example: “US5949181045” - Other recognised codes (e.g.: CUSIP, Bloomberg Ticker, Reuters RIC) - Code attributed by the undertaking, when the options above are not available.

Related to Bloomberg Ticker

  • Bloomberg means Bloomberg Financial Markets.

  • Bloomberg Screen means the Bloomberg Information contained in the Bloomberg screen identified in Schedule 3 hereto and filed with the Commission as a Free Writing Prospectus on __________, 20__.]

  • Bloomberg Screen GCAN5YR Page means the display designated as page “GCAN5YR<INDEX>” on the Bloomberg Financial L.P. service (or such other page as may replace the GCAN5YR page on that service) for purposes of displaying Government of Canada bond yields.

  • Bloomberg Screen SOFRRATE Page means the Bloomberg screen designated “SOFRRATE” or any successor page or service;

  • Financial Markets means international financial markets in which currency and other financial assets exchange rates are determined in multi-party trade.

  • Initial Market Value means, in relation to a Ship, the Market Value of that Ship calculated in accordance with the valuations relative thereto referred to in paragraph 5 of Schedule 4, Part B;

  • Reference Market Price initially means $______ (which is an amount equal to _____% of the reported last sale price for Common Stock on ____________, 1999), and in the event of any adjustment of the Conversion Price other than as a result of a Non-Stock Fundamental Change, the Reference Market Price shall also be adjusted so that the ratio of the Reference Market Price to the Conversion Price after giving effect to any such adjustment shall always be the same as the ratio of the initial Reference Market Price to the initial Conversion Price of the Debentures.

  • JOBURG MARKET means Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market (SOC) Limited (trading as Joburg Market), a corporatized municipal entity incorporated in terms of the laws of the RSA under registration number 2000/023383/07 and with VAT registration number 4840195038, with its domicilium citandi et executandi situated at The Office of the CEO, 3rd Floor, Main Building, Joburg Market, 4 Fortune Road (off Heidelberg Road), City Deep, 2049, Johannesburg.

  • Primary Market means on any of (a) the American Stock Exchange, (b) New York Stock Exchange, (c) the Nasdaq Global Select Market, (d) the Nasdaq Global Market, (e) the Nasdaq Capital Market, or (e) the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (“OTCBB”)

  • Pink OTC Markets means the OTC Markets Group Inc. electronic inter-dealer quotation system, including OTCQX, OTCQB and OTC Pink.

  • Closing Bid Price and "Closing Sale Price" means, for any security as of any date, the last closing bid price and last closing trade price, respectively, for such security on the Principal Market, as reported by Bloomberg, or, if the Principal Market begins to operate on an extended hours basis and does not designate the closing bid price or the closing trade price, as the case may be, then the last bid price or the last trade price, respectively, of such security prior to 4:00:00 p.m., New York time, as reported by Bloomberg, or, if the Principal Market is not the principal securities exchange or trading market for such security, the last closing bid price or last trade price, respectively, of such security on the principal securities exchange or trading market where such security is listed or traded as reported by Bloomberg, or if the foregoing do not apply, the last closing bid price or last trade price, respectively, of such security in the over-the-counter market on the electronic bulletin board for such security as reported by Bloomberg, or, if no closing bid price or last trade price, respectively, is reported for such security by Bloomberg, the average of the bid prices, or the ask prices, respectively, of any market makers for such security as reported in the "pink sheets" by Pink Sheets LLC (formerly the National Quotation Bureau, Inc.). If the Closing Bid Price or the Closing Sale Price cannot be calculated for a security on a particular date on any of the foregoing bases, the Closing Bid Price or the Closing Sale Price, as the case may be, of such security on such date shall be the fair market value as mutually determined by the Company and the Holder. All such determinations to be appropriately adjusted for any stock dividend, stock split, stock combination or other similar transaction during the applicable calculation period.

  • Individual market means the market for health insurance coverage offered to individuals other than

  • OTC means Over-the-Counter.

  • Average Market Price means, with respect to any security, the arithmetic average of the Market Price of such security for the 15 consecutive trading day period ending on and including the trading day immediately preceding the determination date.

  • Current Market Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11(d) hereof.

  • Normal Market Size for CFD trading shall mean the maximum number of units of the Underlying Asset that are transmitted by the Company for execution.

  • spot market means any commodity market in which commodities are sold for cash and promptly delivered when the transaction is settled, as well as other non financial markets, such as forward markets for commodities.

  • OTC Markets means either OTC QX or OTC QB of the OTC Markets Group, Inc.

  • Spot Market Backup means the purchase of energy from, or the delivery of energy to, the PJM Interchange Energy Market in quantities sufficient to complete the delivery or receipt obligations of a bilateral contract that has been curtailed or interrupted for any reason.

  • Telerate means, when used in connection with any designated page and LIBOR, the display page so designated on the Dow Jonex Xxxerate Service (or such other page as may replace that page on that service for the purpose of displaying rates comparable to LIBOR).

  • Reference Market-makers means four leading dealers in the relevant market selected by the party determining a Market Quotation in good faith (a) from among dealers of the highest credit standing which satisfy all the criteria that such party applies generally at the time in deciding whether to offer or to make an extension of credit and (b) to the extent practicable, from among such dealers having an office in the same city.

  • Spot Market Energy means energy bought or sold by Market Participants through the PJM Interchange Energy Market at System Energy Prices determined as specified in Operating Agreement, Schedule 1, section 2, and the parallel provisions of Tariff, Attachment K-Appendix, section 2.

  • BC Bid Website means;

  • Daily Market Price means the price of a share of Common Stock on the relevant date, determined (a) on the basis of the last reported sale price regular way of the Common Stock as reported on the Nasdaq Stock Market's National Market (the "NNM"), or if the Common Stock is not then listed on the NNM, as reported on such national securities exchange upon which the Common Stock is listed, or (b) if there is no such reported sale on the day in question, on the basis of the average of the closing bid and asked quotations regular way as so reported, or (c) if the Common Stock is not listed on the NNM or on any national securities exchange, on the basis of the average of the high bid and low asked quotations regular way on the day in question in the over-the-counter market as reported by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System, or if not so quoted, as reported by National Quotation Bureau, Incorporated, or a similar organization.

  • Small group market means the health insurance market under which individuals obtain health

  • Reuters Screen USPRIME 1 Page means the display designated as page "USPRIME 1" on the Reuters Monitor Money Rates Service, or any successor service, or any other page as may replace the USPRIME 1 Page on that service for the purpose of displaying prime rates or base lending rates of major United States banks.