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The Bureau of Land Management (hereinafter called BLM) administers public lands within a framework of numerous laws.

The United States andCommonwealth of Kentucky will moveisolated, difficult and uneconomic for BLM to manage as part of the public lands and not needed for Federal purposes.

Where used, the application of the BLM will replace the need for site-specific modifications, such as Water Effect Ratio, to account for site-specific chemistry influences on metal toxicity.

On March 9, 2004 EPA published a Federal Register Notice (69 FR 11012) announcing the reopening of the period to submit scientific views in response to requests from the public.Comments received were supportive ofusing the BLM for deriving freshwater criteria for copper.

Issues related to criteria derivation process were answered, as well as corrections in matters of scientific relevance related to the applicability of the BLM.

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