Auto-Add definition

Auto-Add means the process of adding warranted and non-warranted IBM Branded Machines and Non-IBM Branded Machines purchased or licensed in conjunction with the Store Services as Store Equipment.
Auto-Add means * process of placing warranted and non-warranted equipment purchased from *, onto Support Services contract.

Examples of Auto-Add in a sentence

  • Contractor shall automatically update the website to reflect all Auto-Add changes as defined below.

  • Dependent on the nature and scope of the contemplated amendment(s), one of two methods will be used: either the Auto-Add method or the Formal Agreement amendment method.

  • Auto-Add and Automatic Renewals are not available to Company under the Agreement.

  • Auto-Add Integrated Datasets: Specifies whether data sets from 'File|Join Data Sets' and 'File|Merge Data Sets' operations are automatically added to the cumulative search results list for data file management or serial data integrations.

  • Unauthorized overdrafts∆ - If an account has no overdraft facility or if an overdraft exceeds its overdraft limit – Octopus Auto-Add Value Service (AAVS) transactions Overdraft interest at prevailing interest rate – Activities other than AAVS transactions Handling charge of HK$120/ US$15 per incident + overdraft interest at prevailing interest rate (*) Waived for accounts held by individuals.

  • The best solutions are visualized on the visualization area as soon as they are found by the program.If the solution has more than one container or if the setting Auto-Add Container(s)is active, the execution time refers to each container.

  • The Scrapbook Series and the Sound Recordings Series are predominately made up of material pertaining to Paul Baker’s drama productions.

  • Who Can Avail the service?Owners/representatives of properties in Bamban Requirements:Action SlipLetter of RequestBlue Print of the approved building plan Photocopy of Occupancy Permit/Bldg.

  • Offers a Customer Self-Reschedule Option, Traffic Light Status Indicators and Bi-Directional Confirm/Decline Status Auto-Add Web Conference Automatically inserts web conference details into the calendar invitations.

  • Choices include: o Pending o In Process o Inactive o Complete • View Interview Status and the Date Assigned • Shift project mode from Auto-Add to Manual or from Manual to Auto-Add.

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  • Parent 401(k) Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 6.6(e).

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