Definition of Area coverage

Area coverage means dependable and adequate service that, on the basis of reasonable and standard extension and service policies, rates, charges and other terms and conditions, will be or is being made available to all persons within the affected area as above defined who request such service and are able and willing to abide by and comply with all such reasonable and standard terms and conditions, regardless of the relative location of such persons within the affected area or of their proximity to existing or proposed service facilities: Provided, That the financial feasibility of the public service entity's entire operation is not thereby impaired.
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Examples of Area coverage in a sentence

Area coverage of the SLUZ is as follows: ZONE AREA (HAS) % TOTAL LAND AREA Special Land Use Zone (Sanitary Landfill) 20.18 0.07 C.
Land Use Intensity Control The intensity of land use shall be governed by the following maximum requirements: ZONE PLO FAR BHL International Port Zone 0.6 1 3 Area coverage of the International Port Zone shall be as follows: ZONE AREA (HAS) % TOTAL LAND AREA International Port Zone 175.10 0.61 C.
Except due to an emergency or for Urgent Care while the Member is outside of the Service Area, coverage for Infusion Therapy benefits is only provided when rendered by Participating Providers.
Area Coverage Area coverage (also known as First Unit coverage) analysis shows that a unit (Engine or Truck) is required at Stations 1, 3, 4, 5 and one at either station 2 or 6.