Appropriate Forum definition

Appropriate Forum. Each of the parties hereto irrevocably waives any objection which it might now or hereafter have to the courts of England being nominated as the forum to hear and determine any Proceedings and to settle any disputes, and agrees not to claim that any such court is not a convenient or appropriate forum.

Examples of Appropriate Forum in a sentence

  • The grievance pertaining to other Forum of Haryana shall be sent to the Appropriate Forum under intimation to the complainant.

  • The Commonwealth’s Complaint Does Not Raise Any Federal Claims, and Massachusetts State Courts Are the Appropriate Forum for Adjudicating the Commonwealth’s Exclusively State Law Claims.

  • In view of the fact that the performance bank guarantees had been invoked and the corporate debtor had received the amount out of the said guarantees, NCLAT did not interfere with the same and gave liberty to the appellants to file their claims before the Appropriate Forum for appropriate relief.

  • Also explained below (at § II.B.1.b, § II.B.2), it is well recognized that the Southern District of Ohio is centrally located and well equipped to handle Multidistrict Litigation.B. The Southern District of Ohio Is The Most Appropriate Forum for Transfer and Consolidation or Coordination.

  • Congress Is the Appropriate Forum in Which to Argue for Changes to the Sony Rule.

  • Park, Broken Silence: Redressing the Mass Rape and Sexual Enslavement of Asian Women by the Japanese Government in an Appropriate Forum, 3 ASIAN-PAC.

  • More Appropriate Forum If all courts having home state jurisdiction or significant connections decline to exercise that jurisdiction because another state is a more appropriate forum, that other state may exercise initial jurisdiction to determine a child custody proceeding 103 4.

  • Local planning authorities have 56 days to determine applications for prior planning approval.

  • Appropriate Forum for Juris’s Due Process Challenge As a preliminary matter, we must ensure that the district court was the proper forum to resolve Juris’s due process challenge.

  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction; Appropriate Forum..................

Related to Appropriate Forum

  • Investor Q&A Forum As defined in Section 4.02(a) of this Agreement.

  • Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction.

  • Exhibition Venue means the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre situated at 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong or such other venue designated by the Organiser and notified to the Exhibitor in writing prior to the commencement of the Exhibition.

  • Execution Venue means the entity with which client orders, assets or securities are placed and/or to which the Company transmits Client’s orders for execution.

  • Therapeutic court personnel means the staff of a mental

  • Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF means the forum comprised of local telephone companies and inter-exchange carriers (IXCs), whose responsibility is to create and document Telecommunication industry guidelines and standards.

  • Original Jurisdiction means, in relation to an Obligor, the jurisdiction under whose laws that Obligor is incorporated as at the date of this Agreement.

  • The judge means the judge or the substitute judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district

  • Forum means any federal, state, local, municipal, or foreign court, governmental agency, administrative body or agency, tribunal, private alternative dispute resolution system, or arbitration panel.

  • the decisions means the decisions of the CMA on the questions which it is required to answer by virtue of section 35 of the Act;

  • Delaware Courts has the meaning set forth in Section 8.2.

  • Inappropriate use means a use that is inconsistent with an educational purpose or that is in clear violation of this policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement.

  • Venue means the premises as delineated and shown edged red in Annex A.

  • Competent Court means the Supreme Court of India or any High Court, or any tribunal or any similar judicial or quasi-judicial body that has jurisdiction in relation to issues relating to the Project.

  • Ordering and Billing Forum or "OBF" means the telecommunications industry forum, under the auspices of the Carrier Liaison Committee of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, concerned with inter-company ordering and Billing. "Originating Line Information Parameter" or "OLIP" is a CCS SS7 signaling parameter that identifies the line class of service, i.e., originating screening and routing translation. "P.01 Transmission Grade of Service" means a circuit switched trunk facility Provisioning standard with the statistical probability of no more than one (1) call in one hundred (100) blocked on initial attempt during the average busy hour.

  • Final Judgment means the Judgment Entered by the Court upon Granting Final Approval of the Settlement.

  • Equitable Defense means any Bankruptcy or other laws affecting creditors’ rights generally, and with regard to equitable remedies, the discretion of the court before which proceedings to obtain same may be pending.

  • Equitable Defenses means any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or other Laws affecting creditors’ rights generally and, with regard to equitable remedies, the discretion of the court before which proceedings may be pending to obtain same.

  • Courts means the Ontario Court and Quebec Court.

  • Claims Process means the process pursuant to the BIA by which the Trustee will determine the Proven Claims against the Company.

  • Delaware Court means the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware.

  • Supreme Court means the North Carolina Supreme Court.

  • Order and Final Judgment means the order and final judgment of the Court approving the Settlement Agreement, as described in Section II(E)(7) below.

  • Covered defense information means unclassified controlled technical information or other information, as described in the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Registry at, that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with law, regulations, and Governmentwide policies, and is—

  • Arbitration organization means an association, agency, board, commission, or other entity that is neutral and initiates, sponsors, or administers an arbitration proceeding or is involved in the appointment of an arbitrator.

  • Chosen Courts has the meaning set forth in Section 9.10(b).