AOG definition

AOG or the "CORPORATION" means Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd., a corporation incorporated under the ABCA and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trust. All references to "AOG", unless the context otherwise requires, are references to Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. and its predecessors;
AOG means the Apollo Operating Group.
AOG means the Apollo Operating Group or a successor thereto.

Examples of AOG in a sentence

  • All AOG orders will be handled, processed, packed and shipped separately.

  • AOG = overhead glazing area.UF = the thermal transmittance of the floor area.

  • The Commander, 611th AOG or a designated representative may approve commercial charters, on a case-by-case basis, at all Air Force air- fields in Alaska, except Eielson and El- mendorf AFBs, if the purpose of the charter is to transport goods and or materials, such as an electric gener- ator or construction materials for a community center, for the benefit of remote communities that do not have adequate civil airports.

  • Shares Beneficially Owned Prior to Name of Beneficial Owner the Offering Number Percentage > 5% Shareholders: Xxxxxxx & Xxxxxxx 2,350,061 (1)(2) 7.61 Van Herk Investments B.V. 1,586,727 (1)(3) 5.14 The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

  • Distributions by AOG to the Fund (and effectively by the Fund to Unitholders) are subordinated to the repayment of any amounts owing under the credit facilities.

More Definitions of AOG

AOG or the "Corporation" means Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd., a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta;
AOG. (Aircraft-on-Ground) means any Aircraft which is not airworthy because of the unavailability of one or more Components.
AOG means Aircraft On Ground. The AOG service is provided only to enable an Item to be obtained for an aircraft that has been grounded whilst in service, or is prevented from returning into service, due to an emergency situation.
AOG means Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd., a corporation amalgamated under the ABCA;
AOG means aircraft on ground; “BER” means either that the cost of repair of the Off Unit exceeds; (i) 65% (sixty-five percent) of the FMV, or (ii) the Outright Price; “CMM” means component maintenance manual; “Component” means any aircraft component and rotable components which are capable of Services by having their own CMM; “Customer” means the purchaser of Components or Services pursuant to a valid Order or the party submitting an order to AJWT from time to time; “Credit Agreement” means the agreement setting out the credit terms between AJWT and the Customer for the Order(s); “Data Protection Legislation” means; (i) the Canadian Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and other data protection laws in Canada, (ii) the United Kingdom Data Protection Xxx 0000, (iii) any other data protection legislation which applies to a party; “Dual Use” means the aircraft Component that can be installed on civil aircraft and also used for military purposes, as defined from time to time by the relevant regulatory authorities; “EASA” means the European Aviation Safety Agency; “FAA” means the United States of America Federal Aviation Administration; “FMV” means the fair market value for a Component; “Loan” means the loan of a Component from AJWT to the Customer on the terms specified in a Loan Order and these Standard Terms; “Loan Fee” means the fee for the Loan as specified in the Loan Order; “Loan Term” means the period of a loan described in the relevant Loan Order; “Modification” means embodiment of modification and/or the maintenance of Components to be made according to an AD, mandatory modification or SB of the OEM; “OEM” means original equipment manufacturer of a Component; “Off Unit” means a Component removed from an aircraft in need of Services; “Order” means any order submitted by the Customer for (i) a Sale, or (ii) the Services; “Overhaul” means the highest level of Repair as specifically referred to in the applicable CMM, or overhaul manual and only applicable to Components with a specific OEM recommended overhaul period; “Repair” means the disassembly, inspection, rework, or replacement of Components as necessary, and re-assembly and test as required, to return the Components to a Serviceable condition andRepaired” shall be understood accordingly; “Sale” means the outright sale of a Component by AJWT to the Customer and “Sold” shall be understood accordingly; “SB” means a service bulletin provided by an OEM; “Services” shall mean...
AOG means the highest priority designation to process a requirement for a spare part(s) and/or maintenance action, and indicates that an aircraft is unable to continue or be returned to revenue service until the appropriate action is taken.