Annuitant definition

Annuitant means a person who receives a retirement allowance or a disability allowance;
Annuitant means the annuitant or beneficiary of a Deferred Income Plan or any other plan of which a Unitholder acts as trustee or carrier.
Annuitant. ’ means the individual shown as such in the Data Pages, or any successor Annuitant.

Examples of Annuitant in a sentence

  • With Guaranteed Periods: We will pay equal monthly payments for a selected number of guaranteed payments, and then for as long as the Annuitant is living thereafter.

  • Option 2 - Life Annuity Life Only: We will pay equal monthly payments during the lifetime of the Annuitant.

  • If the Contract Owner is a non-natural entity, a Contingent Annuitant cannot be named, and the Death Benefit will be payable upon the death of the Annuitant.

  • If the Contract Owner is a non-natural entity, the Contract Issue Age will be based on the age of the Annuitant on the last birthday before the Issue Date.

  • SEX If the age or sex of the Annuitant has been misstated, We will adjust the amount of each annuity payment to the amount the Purchase Payments, including the Initial Purchase Payment, would have purchased at the correct age and sex of the Annuitant.

More Definitions of Annuitant

Annuitant is the natural person whose age determines the Maximum Income Date and the amount and duration of income payments involving life contingencies. The Annuitant may also be the person to whom any payment will be made starting on the Income Date. The Annuitant's name appears in the Schedule.
Annuitant means the person who is entitled to receive the annuity benefits and on whose life the contingent events have to occur for the Benefits to be payable as stated in the Policy Schedule.
Annuitant means the individual who has executed the Application to be the fund owner of the Fund within the meaning of Applicable Laws given to that word;
Annuitant means the proprietor of an annuity or charge.
Annuitant means a person who is receiving a benefit pursuant 25 to section 38-846.01.
Annuitant means the individual who has executed the application to be plan owner for the Plan within the meaning Applicable Laws give to that word;
Annuitant provisions on page 9.