Definition of Amdocs

Amdocs means, collectively, INC. and ASSL.

Examples of Amdocs in a sentence

The information contained herein is for use by authorized employees of AT&T, Amdocs and their Affiliated Companies only, and is not for general distribution within those companies or for distribution outside those companies except by written agreement.
For the avoidance of doubt, Amdocs ownership of the Customized Materials shall not derogate from Amdocs obligations hereunder with regard to Clearwires Confidential Information or from Clearwires rights in the Clearwire Owned Property.
Ownership of CategoryCustomized Materials shall inure to the benefit of Amdocs from the date of conception, of creation, or of fixation in a tangible medium of expression (whichever occurs first), of such Customized Materials.
Termination shall be effective at 11:59 p.m. on the Termination Date; in the event of such a termination by Clearwire, Amdocs shall perform its Disentanglement Obligations hereunder until they are fulfilled.
CategoryCustomized Materials are those Customized Materials in which Clearwire shall be the sole and exclusive owner of such Customized Materials and Amdocs hereby assigns and agrees to assign to Clearwire, exclusively, all right, title and interest therein.