All Reasonable steps definition

All Reasonable steps in this section means acting with reasonable and best endeavours doing all it is reasonable in the circumstances.
All Reasonable steps means that BBH Lux must be satisfied that the processes and procedures it has in place can be expected to lead to the consistent delivery of the best possible execution result, taking into consideration the execution factors set out below (the “execution factors”).

Related to All Reasonable steps

  • Reasonable Steps means those steps the Receiving Party takes to protect its own similar proprietary and confidential information, which must not be less than a reasonable standard of care.

  • Reasonable suspicion means a basis for forming a belief based on specific facts and rational inferences drawn from those facts.

  • Reasonable pupil means a pupil, including, but not limited to, an exceptional needs pupil, who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct for a person of his or her age, or for a person of his or her age with his or her exceptional needs.

  • Commercially Reasonable means sound and prudent practices in a manner commercially reasonable for an onshore Product gathering system operator and in a manner consistent with industry standards at the applicable point in time.

  • Reasonable and/or “Reasonableness” shall mean in the administrator’s discretion, services or supplies, or fees for services or supplies which are necessary for the care and treatment of illness or injury not caused by the treating Provider. Determination that fee(s) or services are reasonable will be made by the Plan Administrator, taking into consideration unusual circumstances or complications requiring additional time, skill and experience in connection with a particular service or supply; industry standards and practices as they relate to similar scenarios; and the cause of injury or illness necessitating the service(s) and/or charge(s).

  • all relevant steps means all such steps as may be prescribed from time to time by the regulations or operating procedures of such clearing or settlement system as the Administrative Agent may from time to time reasonably determine for the purpose of clearing or settling payments of the Euro.

  • Reasonable Best Efforts means best efforts, to the extent commercially reasonable.

  • Reasonable person means a reasonable person under similar circumstances and with similar identities to the victim.

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts means: (a) where applied to carrying out specific tasks and obligations of a Party under this Agreement other than development, manufacture or commercialization of a Product, expending reasonable, diligent, good faith efforts and resources to accomplish such task or obligation as a similarly situated pharmaceutical or biotechnology company (on its own or acting through any of its Affiliates, sublicensees or subcontractors) would normally use to accomplish a similar task or obligation under similar circumstances; and (b) where applied to the development, manufacture or commercialization of a Product, those reasonable efforts and resources customarily used by such Party with respect to a similar pharmaceutical product Controlled by such Party, which product is at a similar stage in its development or product life and is of similar market potential in the applicable market taking into account efficacy, safety profile, labeling, the then-current and expected competition in the applicable market, the likely timing of entry into the market, the expected extent and speed of market penetration, the patent and other proprietary position of the Product, the likelihood of regulatory approval given the regulatory structure involved, the profitability of the Product, including the cost of manufacture, royalties payable to licensors of patent or other intellectual property rights, alternative products and other relevant factors and other scientific, clinical or commercial factors. With respect to subpart (b) of this definition, Commercially Reasonable Efforts shall be determined on a market-by-market and indication-by-indication basis for a particular Product, and it is anticipated that the level of effort shall be different for different markets and different indications, and shall change over time, reflecting changes in the status of the Product and the market(s) and indication(s) involved.

  • Reasonable cause shall be limited to the following:

  • Reasonable and Customary means, in relation to a charge for Medical Service, such level which does not exceed the general range of charges being charged by the relevant service providers in the locality where the charge is incurred for similar treatment, services or supplies to individuals with similar conditions, e.g. of the same sex and similar Age, for a similar Disability, as reasonably determined by the Company in utmost good faith. The Reasonable and Customary charges shall not in any event exceed the actual charges incurred.

  • Reasonable assurance means a high degree of confidence that submitted data and statements are valid.

  • Reasonable Expenses means the reasonable expenses of Employees or Personnel, as the case may be, for which those Employees or Personnel may be reimbursed under the Operator’s usual expense account practice, as accepted by the Management Committee; including without limiting generality, any relocation expenses necessarily incurred in order to properly staff the Mining Operations if the relocation is approved by the Management Committee.

  • Reasonable Distance means a distance that has regard to the Employee’s original work location, current home address, capacity of the Employee to travel, additional travelling time, effects on the personal circumstances of the affected Employee, including family commitments and responsibilities and other matters raised by the Employee, or assistance provided by their Employer.

  • Reasonable in the circumstances means using no more force than is needed.

  • Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to any action required to be made, attempted, or taken by an Interconnection Party or by a Construction Party under Tariff, Part IV or Part VI, an Interconnection Service Agreement, or a Construction Service Agreement, such efforts as are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and with efforts that such party would undertake for the protection of its own interests.

  • Reasonable cost means a cost for a service or item that is consistent with the market standards for comparable services or items.

  • Reasonable Care means the use of reasonable custodial practices under the applicable circumstances as measured by the custodial practices then prevailing in Russia of International Financial Institutions acting as custodians for their institutional investor clients in Russia.

  • Reasonable compensation means, with respect to a regularly employed officer or employee of any person, compensation that is consistent with the normal compensation for such officer or employee for work that is not furnished to, not funded by, or not furnished in cooperation with the Federal Government.

  • Reasonable Costs means the reasonable actual costs and expenses incurred by us in carrying out any further Audit under this Contract, including, but not limited to, reasonable travel and subsistence costs;

  • Safeguard means any procedures, practices, or actions with respect to the Project, a Site or Work for the purpose of preventing, mitigating, or containing foreseeable accidents, injuries, damage, release of hazardous material or environmental harm.

  • fair and reasonable conditions means appropriate conditions including possible financial terms taking into account the specific circumstances of the request for access, for example the actual or potential value of the foreground or background to which access is requested and/or the scope, duration or other characteristics of the use envisaged;

  • promptly as used in Section 11(a)(ii) shall mean as soon as practicable but in no event later than 5 business days from the Broker/Dealer’s receipt of the request for information from the Fund or its designee.

  • Commercially Sensitive Information Schedule means the Schedule containing a list of the Commercially Sensitive Information.

  • Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) means the lowest emission limit that a particular source is capable of meeting by the application of control technology that is reasonably available considering technological and economic feasibility. It may require technology that has been applied to similar, but not necessarily identical source categories.

  • Contractor’s Representative means the individual authorised to act on behalf of the Contractor for the purposes of the Contract.