Aer Rianta definition

Aer Rianta. ’ means Aer Rianta, cuideachta phoiblı´ theoranta; ‘‘Companies Acts’’ means Companies Act 1963 and every enactment 30
Aer Rianta means Aer Rianta, Teoranta;
Aer Rianta. ’ means Aer Rianta, cuideachta phoiblı´ theoranta;

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  • In the case of the person carrying out the duties of the Chief Executive of Aer Rianta the terms and conditions of service and of remuneration of the Chief Executive must be determined in accordance with section 29(4) of the Act of 1998.

  • Chairperson and directors of Aer Rianta ceasing to hold office on Dublin appointed day.

  • NERA consider that an adjustment to BAA’s beta is appropriate to take account of the different operating characteristics of Aer Rianta.

  • Chairperson and directors of Aer Rianta ceasing to hold office onDublin appointed day.13.

  • We note that all formulae also ignore the effect of capital allowances on the true tax liabilities faced by Aer Rianta.

  • Dusseldorf Airport case In December 1997 Dusseldorf Airport acquired a new part-owner (the Airport Partners consortium of Hochtief and Aer Rianta).

  • Source: Warburg Dillon Read, Report to the Minister for Public Enterprise and the Minister for Finance, December 1999.• Outbound travel (travel by nationals) is more sensitive than inbound (travel by foreigners).We have data disaggregating Aer Rianta and BAA’s passenger base by international and domestic travel, and leisure and business travel.

  • Unless otherwise paid by the Minister under section 7(8), the costs incurred in the establishment and running of each of Cork and Shannon Airport Authorities prior to their respective appointed days in connection with the restructuring shall to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Transport, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, be paid by Aer Rianta or the Dublin Airport Authority, as the case may be.

  • As Table 4.11 shows, Aer Rianta has a higher proportion of both international and leisure passengers, the more “income sensitive” passenger groups.

  • There are three significant practical difficulties in estimating an equity beta for Aer Rianta.

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